Benefits of Learning how to Mix Cocktails at Home


There’s no need to head to a crowded bar to get a good cocktail. True connoisseurs know that there’s no better way to get the perfect drink than to learn how to mix it at home. Alcohol enthusiasts can read on to find out about a few compelling reasons to start experimenting and learning how to mix their own drinks.

Impress Friends

Want to really impress a group of friends who are equally enthusiastic about cocktails? The best way to do it isn’t to find the fanciest bar. It’s to learn the basics, find some recipes, and start experimenting with making them at home.

Try New Things

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut at a favorite bar. Mixing cocktails at home encourages more creativity. Amateur bartenders who want to branch out and start trying new things can find all the recipes and tips they need at the Alcohol Professor. Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are almost infinite options when it comes to mixing cocktails, so chances are, drinkers will find another favorite mix out there if they look.

Save Money

Heading out to the bar can become a very expensive habit. Mixing cocktails at home is much cheaper. That means true alcohol lovers will be able to afford the finer things in life like top-shelf liquor and other high-quality ingredients instead of paying for the privilege of having someone else mix their drinks.

Get It Just Right

Every drinker has a favorite cocktail. Whether the recipe is simple or incredibly complex, learning how to make that favorite drink at home means it will always be exactly to consumers’ tastes. It can be hard for discerning alcohol aficionados to explain exactly how they want their drinks mixed, especially if they’re dealing with new bartenders. Experimenting at home to get the perfect blend means cocktail connoisseurs can get just what they’re looking for every time they break out the bottles.

Develop Confidence

Learning new skills helps people become more confident. Those who are new to the art of mixology will make some mistakes at first, but as they learn and hone their skills they will become more confident in their bartending abilities. That confidence boost will also trickle over to other aspects of life, giving home mixologists the self-esteem they need to succeed at work, make new friends, and feel good about themselves.

Become a Better Partner

There are few skills with more inherent sex appeal than the ability to mix the perfect drink, at least when it comes to impressing other cocktail enthusiasts. Instead of taking a date out to a crowded bar after dinner, home mixologists can invite the person back to the house for perfectly mixed drinks in a more comfortable, intimate environment.

Already have a beloved partner with a perfectly honed taste in adult beverages? Learning how to make a partner’s favorite drink is a great way for alcohol enthusiasts to show they care. Plus, mixing cocktails at home is a great way to encourage experimentation and growth.

Avoid Crowded Bars

Not all alcohol connoisseurs love the crowded, hectic environment in bars. It’s perfectly fine to prefer drinking at home with some close friends. Wanting to avoid the crowd shouldn’t mean that the perfect cocktail is forever out of reach. Once hosts learn how to mix their own drinks, it never will be again.

Become the Life of the Party

Just like not everyone loves crowded bars, not everyone prefers to drink at home with small groups of friends. Heading out to a party armed with all the knowledge required to step behind the bar and wow the guests is a great way to make friends and show off a new skill. Just make sure to do some experimenting at home first to avoid embarrassing missteps.

Jump-Start a New Career

Not all bars and restaurants require their staff members to attend Bartending School. Just learning the ropes at home can be enough to land cocktail enthusiasts that first job at the bar they frequent, and that can get them a foot in the door to the bartending industry.

Outgoing, friendly people love working as bartenders, and learning the art of mixology at home can be a great way to figure out whether this is a good career choice. If it seems like it will be, honing natural skills at home or in smaller bars that don’t require official bartending classes can jump-start a new career.

Share the Knowledge

Once home mixologists have perfected their craft themselves, they can go on to teach those skills to others. Not only will friends or family members be impressed, but they’ll get to benefit from hands-on instruction after home bartenders learn the ropes themselves. Having a cocktail mixing party is a great way to encourage friends to step outside their comfort zones, build new relationships, and teach new skills, and there’s no better way to perfect a skill than to teach it to others so it will also help the teacher.

Step outside the Comfort Zone

Just like it’s easy to fall into a rut with favorite drinks or bars, it’s just as common for consumers to start doing the same things day in and day out when it comes to hobbies. That can get boring fast. Learning new hobbies encourages people to step outside their comfort zones, which is essential for personal development. Succeeding as a home mixologist will prove to those who give it a try that they are capable of great things if they put their minds to it.

The Bottom Line More Americans than ever are learning how to mix their own drinks. Whether it’s because their favorite bars have been experiencing temporary closures or because they just need new, fulfilling ways to occupy free time, that’s a great thing. Take advantage of online resources like recipes and professional mixing tips, then head to the store or buy ingredients online and start with a favorite cocktail. From there, blossoming mixologists can start branching out, trying new things, and engaging with others who share their passions online or in person.

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