Australian Manufacturing Industry To Be Bolstered: PM Morrison

PM Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday said that the country’s manufacturing industry will be bolstered aimed at helping the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Long gone are the days of trying to compete with labour-intensive, low-cost manufacturing economies,” Morrison was quoted as saying in an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) news report while speaking at the National Press Club.

“Gone too are any pretentions of protectionism as a viable strategy for domestic manufacturing, that’s not where our future is.

“Manufacturing in Australia today has been transformed and will continue to transform,” he added.

The premier also said that his government’s newly-announced strategy would focus on industries that were already doing well in and “emerging priorities”.

Morrison’s remarks came after he unveiled the JobMaker Digital Business Plan on Tuesday which will take advantage of technologies to grow and create jobs as part of the country’s economic recovery plan.

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