Aries Weekly Horoscope 4th Oct – 10th Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles who are already in a serious relationship with somebody will be pressurised by their partner to get married as soon as possible. Although, they may not feel too comfortable with the idea. This will be mainly because of uncertain future growth prospects and finances. It would be wise to postpone their marriage, at least as of now. Married couples will not have a very good time during this week. All they can do is be patient with themselves as well as their partner. Do not despair, good times are just around the corner! Atmosphere within the family will remain pleasant and peaceful.


This week is going to yield mixed fruits for students. Student pursuing graduation will remain busy handling irrelevant and unimportant matters. As a result, they will not be able to concentrate properly on studies. This will certainly have an adverse effect over their progress during this week. Students pursuing post-graduation will be able to find a part time job or assignment. This will enable them to earn enough money to moderately satisfy their financial requirements. They will be able to learn and memorize very effectively during this period. They will be able to devote enough time for studies and will make satisfactory progress during this week.


There are no major health issues foreseen during this week. However, you may need to be careful about minor ailments. These ailments do not pose a threat, but may get troublesome at times. There is a distinct possibility of getting injured on the lower part of your body during this week. You are advised to be careful in this regard. Those suffering from diabetes will need to strictly follow the diet instructions given to them by their physician. Not doing so will definitely lead to future complications. Light exercises in the morning will certainly help to keep fit throughout the week. Remember, ‘precaution’ will be your mantra!


An immense amount of hard work will be required to increase your financial inflow during this week. You will need to roll up your sleeves and be prepared to work for extended hours. You will also need to keep a tight leash around your unwanted expenses. This will ensure beyond a doubt that you will remain in a healthy financial position. Keep a check over your personal expenses as well. No major and unexpected expenses are foreseen. Do not take your financial situation for granted! It is always a good idea to save money for the safety of your own future as well as your loved ones.


Businessmen will be troubled with several uncertainties during this week. They will be bothered with their declining sales and will be unsure of which steps to take. They will need to stick to the basic methods of boosting sales and work in a systematic way. They will need to keep calm and avoid unnecessary conflicts with people. Things will get better as the weekend approaches and they will be able to strike a considerably big deal! Salaried employees will be happy and contented with their future growth prospects within the organization. They will remain focused at work and will give efficient outputs, far exceeding the expectations of their superiors!

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