Aries Weekly Horoscope 18th Oct – 24th Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

This does not seem to be a very comfortable week as far as your relationship equations are concerned. Singles in a serious relationship will be unhappy over some issue with their partner regarding their future plans together. They will forcibly keep on stressing their point of view without listening to their partner. The tendency of being adamant can pollute the harmony in their relationship. Try to understand your partner’s perspective as well. Married couples will not be very happy with the indifferent attitude of their spouse. There is no solution to it, as of now. You will have a very pleasant time with your family and close friends.


This seems to be a moderately good week for matters pertaining to academic growth. Students pursuing graduation will remain very attentive about their studies for a prolonged time. However, they may face some problems memorizing. Prepare short notes on important topics. They will serve as a ready reference during examination time. It is recommended for students to practice meditation during times of negative stress. Students pursuing post-graduation will remain focused upon getting a part time assignment or job to satisfy their financial needs. At the same time, they will also be sincere about their studies. Their overall progress will be very satisfactory.


This week calls for maximum precaution with matters pertaining to your health and fitness. There is a distinct possibility of getting injured unexpectedly. You will need to be very cautious in this regard. Diabetes patients will need to follow diet instructions as laid down by their physician to avoid any further complications. It is recommended that you keep a regular tab over your blood sugar levels and take all precautionary measures as prescribed by your doctor to keep things under control. Be careful with respect to every aspect of your health. Light exercises in the morning will ensure that your health and fitness remain in top-notch condition!


The week seems to be very beneficial for matters related with finance and money. Planetary influences will ensure an increased inflow of money during this week. However, you are advised against making any fresh investments during this time. You will need to keep a tight leash around unwanted expenses and not go buying things that you do not need as of now. No major expenses are foreseen for you during this week. Concentrate upon saving money for your own safety, as well as the safety of the future of your loved ones. You will be able to manage all your routine and incidental expenses very comfortably.


The week seems to offer a mixed bag of fruits for business and career growth. Businessmen will need to ‘think smart’ and ‘think out of the box’, verbatim. If they want to make a big leap on the road of progress, they will need to reformulate strategies and plans. Competition is not something to be afraid of; but to be dealt with intelligently. Always be aware of your competitor’s policies to safeguard your products in the market. Salaried employees will not feel very happy at work. They will be stressed for some reason or the other. This will certainly have an adverse effect over their performance.

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