Apple’s AirTags coming soon in two sizes: Report

(IANS) Apple is reportedly planning to launch AirTags Bluetooth tracking devices soon that will be available in two sizes.

According to a report in 9To5Google, Apple’s tags will use Ultra-Wide Band radio for extremely precise location-finding, to within inches.

The AirTags would also use all iOS devices as passive trackers for lost items, greatly increasing the likelihood of a lost item being quickly located and reunited with its owner.

Apple’s AirTags item tracker is also expected to be completely waterproof and use similar magnetic wireless charging to that seen on the Apple Watch, the report mentioned.

Evidence of AirTags was found in builds of iOS 13 and it appears the small item trackers will show up in the Find My app and enable users to locate misplaced items.

It will likely feature a removable CR2032 coin cell battery like the Tile Pro.

Based on a prototype of the tag, removing and replacing the battery will require unscrewing the back cover and performing a counter-clockwise twisting motion. The new battery must be inserted with the plus sign facing up.

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