Adobe Illustrator released for iPad


(IANS) Software major Adobe on Tuesday launched Illustrator on the iPad and Adobe Fresco for the iPhone in addition to new features like Neural Filters in Photoshop and major updates to its flagship applications including Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

Featuring a plethora of new ways to transform design ideas into beautiful, precise graphics, the 1.0 release of Illustrator on the iPad brings users the core toolkit and more, with 18,000 fonts and new features like radial, grid and mirror repeat.

And on the desktop, the new Recolor Artwork feature lets users change entire colour themes with just one click.

When using Illustrator’s desktop and iPad apps, creators will find a smooth cross-device experience that allows them to create a wide range of graphics, from a logo to a t-shirt illustration, the company said at its Adobe MAX annual creative conference.

Adobe’s India team contributed significantly to the launch of Illustrator on the iPad.

“In line with our commitment to furthering the company’s innovation agenda, our India team is proud to have contributed to the wide range of cutting-edge features and sneaks at our virtual MAX this year,” Shanmugh Natarajan, Vice President – Products, Adobe India, said in a statement.

“We are specifically excited about being a strategic part of the launch of Illustrator on the iPad, which progresses our mission of providing a seamless user experience across devices and platforms.”

The Adobe India team also played a significant role in rolling out updates to the company’s Creative Cloud flagship products including Lightroom, CC Desktop and InDesign.

The new Fresco on the iPhone offers users the same functionality they have grown to love on the iPad and on Windows touch devices.

Powered by Cloud Documents, all Fresco projects are instantly available on all supported devices across desktop, mobile and tablet for a seamless multi-device experience, Adobe said.

Additionally, the company previewed a prototype of a digital content attribution tool that will debut within Photoshop and the social design platform Behance as part of its Content Authenticity Initiative.

Illustrator on the iPad is available to all Creative Cloud members who are subscribed to Illustrator. It can also be purchased as a single app for $9.99 per month, Adobe said.

Fresco on the iPhone is free for anyone to use.

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