A Brief Description of Traffic Laws


I was sitting with my laptop in a local pub the other day editing a few articles, when I overheard a group of teens talking about all of the miseries they have suffered. It seemed like one of them lately got a traffic ticket. I took a quick peek over my shoulder as the moaning and whining took on momentum, and soon everyone was wailing about the “tax grab” and that “the cops weren’t out arresting real criminals.” “They must have something better to do than picking on the puny little fellows”, one said.

It took me all of the internal strength that I could summon not to turn around and bring them a little piece of truth. As a son of a police officer who ran radar, I saw my father responding to traffic collisions and helping EMS load people into ambulances and the funeral director’s car. My father still has memories of times when children and wives were bundled up in the back of his patrol car, so they would not see the horrific injuries that their husbands and fathers had suffered. My dad would tell them that everything would be alright.

I will admit that most drivers are not bad drivers. However, when they are pulled over for what they consider to be a minor error or an unusual instance of poor judgment, it is actually a required wake-up call for them. Perhaps it was lucky that there was no large truck that could not stop and turn their car into a twisted mass of metal. The driver couldn’t be bothered that they got a ticket when they believe that a warning would have served the purpose. After all, they have a perfect driving record.

This article is for you if you want to carry your perfect driving record to your grave. Read below a few golden rules you must abide by to stay safe on the roads and avoid getting fined/arrested. 

  1. It is general knowledge that all the car drivers must evade a collision with pedestrians and other vehicles. Violation of these rules will lead to one being prosecuted or fines in a court of law. For a driver to respect the road rules, he must know the necessary traffic rules applied in the state or country.
  2. One must always notice the traffic signs religiously. It is essential to follow the signs as negligence can lead to one being fined. Since every state and country has its own set of road rules, one should always familiarize himself with this bunch of road rules before riding. This calls for one to know if he should stay to the right or the left side of the road as this varies in many nations. The driver should also recognize the direction of travel and the unique places where turning and passing other cars is allowed.
  3. People driving should give way to select vehicles such as school buses, ambulances, funeral vehicles, fire trucks, and any emergency vehicle on the road. 
  4. The vehicle should also be in a roadworthy condition. This means that it does not carry old windshields with broken exhaust systems in a poor state, exterior lights that are missing or broken.
  5. One should assure that the car he is driving is completely registered by it having a registration plate, has insurance, and a driving license available at any time if needed. One should not be on the phone while driving as this puts the passengers, the drivers, and pedestrians to trouble due to mishaps that might transpire.
  6. Drivers should follow and respect the traffic lights to evade accidents; drivers should not cross a red light. All road users should often recognize the right of way on the roads. This means drivers should know who should enter a junction first and how depending on their lane. Recognizing this right of use means others use that portion of the road while others wait for their turn. This works to evade collisions and mishaps on the road.
  7. All the passengers in a car or any other four-wheelers should wear safety belts for the trip’s complete duration. One should not Overspeed on a service road if the sign indicates a specific speed limit. One should not cross the speed limit of that distinct section of the road he is on, neither should he reduce speed or slow down to an unaccepted limit disrupting other motorists. 
  8. The driver should know and learn all the signs on the road, making it easier for him to recognize and understand these signs. These may be a priority, warning, or prohibitory signs. Traffic police can also stand on the roads to give directions that all road users must follow. 
  9. Operating a vehicle while drunk can be a life-altering choice. You could be charged with a DUI and have your license permanently taken away, or if you cause an accident that leaves someone injured or dead, you may be facing some severe criminal charges. Do not assume that you are good to drive because you only have one beer. A drink is a drink, and you should not drive after drinking. Stop participating in those toxic drinking games. They promote over-consumption and can quickly get out of control.

I had to write this after hearing those teenagers at a pub. What happened next with them? They were underage, and it is illegal in Kyiv to enter a pub below 18. Yes, police came by and fined them after a waiter tipped them off. Alcohol laws? We will explore that in our next article. 

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