A Book Review on Angry God


“ALOne both of us had our darkness in us, but together we became raw, pure and beautifuL”

– Lenora Astalis

I recently finished reading the third book in the All Saints High series, Angry God by L.J Shen – a contemporary romance novel belonging to the adult fiction genre, and I loved it. Contrary to most people’s beliefs that a high school romance story only appeals to teen readers, I quite enjoyed the book in my twenties, considering the story evolves into much more than that.

The male protagonist Vaughn Spencer is beyond the usual angry young man, he is more like a living breathing God ready to burn any mortal who dares to get in his way. A child prodigy born into a family with old money, devilishly handsome, ruthless and reckless but burning with a vengeance – his shades are more than just fifty.

A dark secret that has haunted the “almighty” Vaughn Spencer every waking moment of his life rears its ugly head when Lenora Astalis barges into his life unannounced at all Saints High. Vaughn Spencer is the guy who seems to have it all but not without everyone truly knowing the mess he is. Termed as a genius in the world of art, he was a master sculptor who had girls swooning all over him. But it was Lenora whose indifference broke his highly built cold walls gradually over the years. After attending the prestigious art school Carlisle Prep during her teen years, Lenora the female protagonist, faces the heart-wrenching demise of her mother and moves to All saints High School in California to join her family. Hiding behind her pseudo Goth personality she thinks she can blend in with the crowd but only to be mocked by Vaughn Spencer who wants her at his mercy because of the silent secret that had transpired between them a decade ago at Carlisle Prep. Gone is the girl who was haunted by the gaping hole left by her dead mother. Being brutally bullied made the kind and sweet Lenora stand up for herself to fight back ferociously. After graduation, the coveted internship at Carlisle prep takes them back to where it all began. They both pour their heart and soul into their respective pieces competing for the exclusive spot at the Tate Museum for exhibition, only to realize that their masterpieces sing their twisted love-hate story beautifully for the world to know. As the two of them navigate through a quagmire of emotions of love, hate, ambition, art, childhood trauma, life and death they realize the intricacies of life. Her hate he could handle but probably not it’s opposite. With his soul hungry for revenge and a heart of steel, would he be able choose love over it all?

“Oh my beautiful, beautiful boy” Lenora sobbed. When Vaughn thought nothing in him was worthy of being loved, all she saw was a beautiful boy shrouded in darkness but with a passionate, burning heart yearning to be loved like a wounded animal.
Oh the fruition of love, it makes even the twisted, disgusted parts of our deeply buried selves shine with the power of a thousand blazing suns.

The characters are deeply connected to the reality of life. The book is not an easy romance filled with unicorns and confetti, rather, it can be soul breaking, masochistic and mind numbingly alluring. Lenora changes from a sweet, innocent, petite girl to a strong, sexy and independent woman. The lady learns to march to the beat of her own drums and the man learns to become a mortal capable of love and warmth from the self loathing, dark and heartless prince that he was. This is not a story of a knight in shining armour coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress or even an angel saving the devil. It is about two misfits meeting half way and discovering love in its rawest form.

Angry God takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of the entire spectrum of feelings. The emotions of a human which are all over the place even when one feigns total nonchalance is held together by the strong bond of love. This book beautifully depicts that even the devil in his deepest depth of despair and pain is capable of love, and a happily ever after which resonates with each of our dark selves. Overall, this was a beautifully written love-hate story of two broken souls entwined in their quest for each other!

Rating : 8.5/10

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