8 Leadership Lessons from Boris Johnson

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street, in London, Britain

Boris Johnson is the incumbent Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but he is not just a politician. He has also distinguished himself as an author and worked as a journalist. While leaning towards conservatism, he has held positions as a foreign secretary, Mayor of London and Member of Parliament.

He coordinated the 2012 Summer Olympics and became one of the most well-known faces in the Vote Leave campaign for Brexit in 2016. He is recognized as one of the most respected and influential world leaders today. Here are eight leadership lessons from Boris Johnson: 

  1. Resilience: If there is any leadership lesson that must be learned when studying Johnson, it is his resilience. Johnson displayed strength as a leader several times, but one of the most remarkable of these, concerns the Brexit issue. He was elected as a parliament member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in 2015, but he stepped down in 2016 and focused on the Brexit campaign. As stated earlier, he belonged to the Vote Leave side; he never gave up even in the face of overwhelming opposition. He continued until the 2016 EU membership referendum was done. Success was recorded on the 31st of January, 2020 after almost 50 years of being a European Union member. 
  2. Patriotism: One of the most excellent traits of a leader is that they genuinely have the people’s love at heart. This love or patriotism comes to the fore during challenging times or periods of turbulence, and a perfect example of this has been the COVID-19 pandemic. From February 2020, Johnson has been at the forefront of the battle against the coronavirus in the United Kingdom. He never shied from making tough decisions. There had to be several lockdowns and imposition of strategies like social distancing rules, but he remained on top of the situation. The pandemic emerged as one of the biggest challenges facing his prime ministership. 
  3. Courage: At the peak of the pandemic, Johnson himself was attacked by the dreaded virus. On the 27th of March, 2020, an announcement was given to a shocked nation that the prime minister had tested positive for COVID-19. By the beginning of April, the symptoms persisted, and he had to be admitted as a patient at the St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. His condition became severe and he had to be transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital. He would remain in the intensive care unit until the 9th of April and recuperate later at the Chequers. Through his ordeal, he remained courageous and kept telling the nation to stay strong and firm. He did all these even when it was not certain whether he would be alive or dead by the next day or not. 
  4. Optimism: Even the most unrepentant political foes of Johnson will attest that he is a very optimistic spirit. He is never depressed and he is known for spreading his positive mindset and inspirational aura. He has even managed to win others on the opposite end of the political spectrum because of his charm, charisma, and aura. 
  5. Approachability: If any leader can be described as being approachable, simple and humble, then it is Boris Johnson. He is known for his humane and even humorous style of leadership. He is not aloof or brash like some other figures in positions of authority or power, he likes to relate with people as humans. He has no qualms with walking down the streets and explaining a point to the people. Simple and fun to be with, that is Boris Johnson. 
  6. Due Process: Johnson is a stickler for the rule of law, and he always adheres to the rules and regulations of the land. He is not an anarchist, and he is not a leader who thinks he is above the law. The Brexit issue is an excellent example in this regard. He followed all the steps that the UK Parliament had to take; this included sending a letter to the European Union. He always followed the due process at every stage, and that is very inspiring on its own. 
  7. Commitment: A hallmark of a true leader is a commitment at all times. This is a commitment to service, the nation and the family, and even the most critical values. Boris Johnson has displayed commitment at various times in history. He is never one to lose focus and concentration, especially when it matters most. 
  8. Accepting Responsibility: Strong leaders take responsibility for whatever happens; they are always at the front taking control. They do not go about blaming others. It is a sign of weakness for someone in authority to refuse to accept responsibility when situations arise. What Boris Johnson has demonstrated time and over again is, that he is a skilful hand and will never shift the blame to anyone else. 


Being a leader is one thing but being an outstanding leader is another case entirely. In a world full of world leaders, some have distinguished themselves to the extent that leadership lessons can be deduced from them. One of these brilliant leaders is none other than Boris Johnson, the incumbent Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. 

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