8 Creative Ways to Use Empty Beer Bottle

After drinking a bottle of chilled beer, the empty bottle is as good as useless for many people. However, that should not be the case because there are several creative ways by which you can still make use of the empty pitcher. Instead of just dumping all the bottles in a recycle bin, you can make more creative use of the worthless cans of booze. 

You can carry out interesting DIY projects with the beer bottles to be used as craft items. From lighting tasks to beer bottle glasses, there is always an application you can put your beer bottle collection to. As there are various beer craft techniques, there is no need to get rid of those pitchers by just throwing them away. These same bottles can be utilized for practical items and creative décor pieces in your residence. 

Those who know how to cut beer bottles will know what this is all about. As for others who are ready to learn, here is a piece they will find very captivating and unique. This article describes eight creative ways by which you can still utilize the bottles.

  1. Soap Dispensing Unit: You do not need to spend money on buying soap dispenser because you can easily make one by using the beer bottles. All you need to do is to fix the pressing unit on the pitcher. 
  2. Wall Decorations: You can bring life to your room by installing the used brewski bottles on the wall. Play with different patterns and be as creative as possible with it. You can even add some lighting to the whole arrangement to give you an incredibly enchanting look. 
  3. Wrapped Bottle Art Pieces: You can turn empty beer cans into pieces of art by covering them with wool or yarn. You can even go as far as making them colorful by using fabrics of different colors and texture alongside several patterns. It is one of the most cost-effective ways by which anyone can recycle bottle leftovers. 
  4. Lamps: Instead of getting stuck with uninteresting wooden lamps, you can make a better one from your discarded beer bottle. In doing so, you can always be sure of having good light in your bedroom. It is another way by which you can decorate your room without spending anything. 
  5. Planters: One of the many things you can do with empty cans and bottles is to use them as planters in your little garden. All you need to do is cut the bottles and smoothen out the edges, so they do not end up cutting you or injuring others. After that, you can grow some plants or flowers in them. Since they are compact and portable, you can place these plant bottles in any area in your house and they add to the aesthetic value too. 
  6. Bracelet Holder: Many people are not aware of this, but you can quickly fix all your watches, bracelets, and other items by putting your bottle inside your cupboard. It makes for a very cool design in your room or other spaces. It is also a very decorative and ornamental piece. 
  7. Coasters: To make coasters from beer bottles, all you need to do is glue some caps, and in a matter of minutes, you will come up with lovely coasters. 
  8. Lights: Take time to clean the bottles and insert some cute Christmas lights in it, you will get a gorgeous stand of bright lights. This is a perfect replacement for your lantern in the bedroom and is a highly recommended way to jazz up the interiors of your home. 

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