8 Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Did you know more millennials are buying homes, composing almost 45% in the mortgage market?

As millennials approach their mid-20s to mid-40s, they become more interested in buying a home. Setting an independent household is a milestone that many wish to achieve.

However, there are over 63% of millennials who have some regrets after buying homes. Overspending and forgetting to list expenses is one of them. Though decorating can be an exciting ordeal, mistakes can be costly.

Are you decorating your home? In this article, we show you some bedroom decorating mistakes that you should avoid. If you’re on a bedroom decorating budget, this guide will help you save money.

1. Choosing Paint First

Choosing your paint first is one of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes. Doing this first may prevent you from finding the furniture you love and want to keep.

Paint is one of the biggest parts of home decorating, but it shouldn’t be the first on your list. Your decorations and furnishing must coordinate with your paint. If you choose your paint first, you may have a hard time matching furniture.

Choose your fabric furnishing first. This could be pillows, drapes, or rugs for bedrooms. It will be easier to find a coordinating paint color after this step.

2. Forgetting to Measure Before Buying Furniture

Before you go shopping for furniture, get the measurements of your home. Scaling furniture relative to your home may be difficult if it’s on a showroom floor. When buying furniture, don’t trust your eyes to make estimates.

Physical numbers can help you narrow down your choices. Use a tape measure to get exact measurements to find an acceptable size range. Use these numbers when you go to a furniture store.

If you find a piece you like, ask if it comes in different sizes. You can also use these measurements to make custom furniture.

3. Shopping From Only One Store

One-stop shopping can be more convenient, but it makes your room less interesting. Furnishing your home with items from only one shop tells a boring visual story. Don’t be afraid to take your time canvassing and shopping around.

Look for boutiques that offer various design lines. You may also visit online stores from different brands and industries. Consider working with an interior home designer to get the best look.
 Canvassing can help you look for interesting pieces. If you don’t have a preferred style yet, you can build one by looking around.

4. Buying an Entire Set

Avoid buying furniture in matching sets. Such sets may include a matching soft, love seat, and other items. This is an easy way to get a structured style but may offer less appeal.

If you want to tell a better visual story, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Choose one major piece as a focal point for your room. Then, look around in different stores and boutiques for other items.

Find one that coordinates with your focal piece but isn’t a perfect match. If you have trouble coordinating your furniture, focus on small details. Matching colors, materials, shapes, or upholstery can make your bedroom look more cohesive.

5. Staying Conservative

Home decorating eludes many new homeowners. Making a mistake while home decorating can cost a lot of money and wasted space. But staying conservative with your design can make your bedroom feel bland.

Don’t be afraid of making bold decisions. If you choose dramatic wall colors or loud furniture, you may frame these with smaller pieces. Lighter items like neutral-colored furniture can help balance it out.

White wall art and simple furnishings can help quiet down a loud piece. Try matching bold pieces with neutral colors and white wall art.

6. Going Too Bold

Alternatively, going too bold with your home decor can make your bedroom unliveable. You must keep simple elements with any home decorating style. Focus on setting one focal point and framing it with simpler pieces.

Vibrant curtains or bold wall paintings sit well with simple furniture. If you have a painting with bright colors, keep your upholstery muted. As a rule of thumb, determine if a piece fits with your color palette.

Reflect on how a single piece can fit into your entire setup. A table with unique shapes may pop out at you in a boutique, but may not fit with your home style. Consider adding unique accents instead of these Trophyman pieces!

7. Keeping Old Furniture

Many new homeowners tend to keep furniture from their old apartments. But keeping old furniture can prevent you from getting a home decor style you love. Get rid of old clutter and focus on bringing in new, fresh designs.

Before you go shopping for furniture, make a mood board. Compile home decor ideas and styles that you like and use this as a guide while you’re out shopping. The modern age offers many new trends and styles.

Don’t be afraid to explore bold designs, even if you think you may not like it. Checking out home decor styles can help you build a unique style for your home or bedroom.

8. Relying Only on Overhead Lighting

Illuminating your house involves more parts than you may think. Relying only on one overhead lighting can leave unwanted dark spaces. To get the best lighting in your home, understand the different types of lighting.

Task lighting serves as a functional light for essential activities. You may install these in the kitchen or the bathroom. Avoid filling a room with only recessed lights.

Doing this can waste electrical energy and cannot efficiently light a room. When lighting your home, consider talking to a lighting specialist. They will help you come up with the best strategy and layout for your home.

Avoid These 8 Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes

Decorating your bedroom can be an exciting but daunting task. Now you know some of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes and how to avoid them. Use these tips when you redecorate your bedroom.