6 Ways to Stay Healthy After Cancer

Having cancer is one of the biggest health challenges that anyone can face. Cancer is very tough and that is the fact. The diagnosis and therapy can be scary and demanding on your physical and mental endurance. Treatment of cancer involved chemical substances (chemotherapy medications) or radiation sessions, leaving its effects on your body. 

But some people have managed to beat this ravaging condition. The priority for these cancer survivors is how they are going to remain healthy. Cancer survivors can live much longer than expected if the right steps are taken. Here are steps you can take to ensure you stay healthy after you have survived bouts of cancer: 

Do Away from Smoking

You might have heard of this before, and that is because it is a vital step. If you are a smoker, one of the best moves you can make for your health is to stop smoking. Doing away with smoking will reduce your chances of coming down with another malignancy or other conditions like stroke or cardiovascular disease. 

It will not be easy for you to quit smoking because it is a habit, and habits die hard. But once you realize that this is about your health and that your life is at stake, you will develop the necessary discipline to stop smoking. 

Stay Away from Secondhand Smoke

You might have been able to stop smoking or not even smoke at all but those around you can be smokers. If there are people around you who smoke, you need to stay away from so you do not become a victim of secondhand smoke. 

 You should also avoid going to smoky bars or joints and do your tasks in smoke-free zones. Your home should also be declared a smoke-free area. Not even friends, children, or relatives should allow you to change your mind on this. 

Exercise is Important 

Many people are not able to incorporate physical exercises into their regular schedules. It can even pose more challenges if you had to take some time off because of your cancer treatment. It must be stated that these are minor challenges compared with the advantages that you are going to get from regular exercises. 

By exercising adequately from time to time, you will be able to boost your health status and even improve your psychological status in the process. Overall, exercise will assist you in neutralizing cancer-linked stress. The correct exercise regimen can even help you minimize the risk of a recurrence of cancer and even the development of other diseases. 

You can start with a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking daily. It is nice if you can do even more than 30 minutes. But do not commence any form of physical exercise regimen without discussing it with your doctor first. If your doctor states that you are fit enough to start then you can proceed. If your physician advises against it, then you should stay away. 

In a situation where your doctor gives you the green light, stick to the exercises that you enjoy the most. This can be walking, cycling, or even dancing. Have a steady routine for the exercise so that it will become a habit for you. If you can get an exercise partner to do the routines together, that will also be perfect. 

Control Your Weight

One of the side effects of cancer treatment or even the disease itself is that you may end up losing a considerable amount of weight. One way to stay healthy after a bout of malignancy is to regain your weight and stay in shape. It is crucial to note that it is not good for you to obese or overweight and it is not recommended that you be underweight. 

Discuss with your nutritionist and maintain the ideal weight that is healthiest for you. Keeping your weight in check is one of the best things you can do for yourself as far as remaining healthy. 

Consume Healthily

As someone who has survived cancer, you will know the importance of feeding well than many. You need to eat good food and the most nutritious diets. A healthy diet will supply you with all the nutrients and energy that your body needs. Make sure that your meals contain a remarkable proportion of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. 

Red meat should be reduced to the barest minimum or even removed from the meat altogether. Unhealthy fats must also be deleted completely from your diet. Book an appointment with your nutritionist if you need more professional advice concerning the best ways for you to eat. 

Be Careful With Alcohol

If you can stop taking alcohol totally, that will be perfect. However, not everyone can stay away permanently from the bottle. For those who belong to this category, alcohol consumption should be kept to the barest minimum or moderate amount at most. 


Becoming triumphant over any form of cancer is a great victory. It is even a great kind of victory to know that you can remain as healthy as possible after a bout of malignancy. This guide has outlined in detail how you can maintain the optimal health condition for yourself as a survivor of one of the most dreaded diseases in existence – cancer. 

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