6 Steps to Turn a Toxic Relationship into a Healthy One

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, and there are instances when the challenges are so great that love turns toxic. Many ask if a toxic relationship can even be turned into a healthy one in the first place. 

The answer to this question will depend on the extent of the toxicity, and if the two partners are still in love and are ready to give each other a chance again. If there is still an opportunity, steps can be taken to transform a toxic relationship into a very loving and positive one. Here are six steps that can be taken to achieve this worthwhile goal. 

  1. Break Away and Maintain No Contacts: Do not misunderstand this to mean that you should break up totally. This is far from it. What this implies is that you two need to take a much-needed break from the relationship itself. You should not just break away from each other but also ensure that you do not communicate during this phase. This phase can last for up to one month. 
  2. Concentrate on Love: Once you are in the no-contact phase, take time to focus on the loving and romantic aspect of the relationship. Do not dwell on the harmful and toxic parts of love; try your very best to concentrate on the lovely memories that you had with your partner.  You can get a note and jot down all the reasons that make you cherish or treasure your partner. Tell yourself that the main reason you are trying to even look for a way to fix the broken relationship is simply that you still love the person. 
  3. Be Yourself: One prevalent mistake that people make is that they are always taking responsibility for their partners’ feelings. It would help if you did not use this time to hurl insults or abuses or send malicious messages or vibes.  Do not take the blame for the emotions of your lover especially when you are not to blame. It is normal for us to have expectations when one is in a relationship but we should also know that there is no way that your partner is going to meet all your expectations. You should not hide your expressions too. 
  4. Have a Mature Discussion: Communication is vital in ensuring that relationships remain healthy. Take time to have deep and significant conversations with your partner. When you are having these discussions, make sure that there is no judgment whatsoever from either side. Discuss everything that matters to the two of you.  Be very patient and cautious. This is not the time to judge your lover. Take time to be genuine, compassionate, and caring. Discuss your plans, passions, finances, emotions, and every other relevant thing.  Since you are restarting your relationship, you should do so with effective communication. During these sessions of communication, be sympathetic to one another and speak with maturity. This is important because some topics will be susceptible. But the good thing about it all is that it will give you a greater understanding of yourself and the relationship itself. While you are doing this, let your partner know how much you love and cherish them and why you will never give up on them. 
  5. Exercise Patience: A relationship does not go from all mushy-mushy and romantic to becoming toxic in just one day. A relationship deteriorates over time, so if you want to reset things, you must realise that it will also take time. Do not try to rush anything. Allow your partner to sort things one after the other; then, you rebuild it altogether. 
  6. Flawlessness is flawed: A major obstacle to succeed in a relationship is the inability of people to accept their faults. Whenever you are wrong, you should be able to accept your faults and flaws. It would help if you did not try to be spotless because you have your faults too. This is also another sign of maturity which will assist you in the healing and rebuilding process. 


Yes, some relationships are indeed in a toxic phase. However, that does not mean that there is no hope. If the right steps are taken in the right direction, things can be fixed again, and there will be love in the place of sadness or hatred. By trying out some or all of the steps that have been mentioned above, couples can rekindle their relationships. 

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