6 Great Weekend Getaways in Alabama

The Yellowhammer State has everything that will make your weekends truly memorable. Alabama is A hospitable home to breathtaking coastlines and vibrant water parks. The Heart of the Dixie has several legendary inns and food joints for all visitors.

Choosing Alabama as the place for weekend getaways is an excellent idea. This is one state that has numerous beautiful places and sites for you. Here are the six great weekend getaways in Alabama for you: 

1. Gulf Shores of Alabama

The Gulf Shores of Alabama has been described by many as the number one weekend getaway in the Cotton State. The pure and smooth white sand under your feet is the coolest way for you to start your weekend as you relax by the ocean waves. This zone is made up of the beach towns of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, you can enjoy some of the finest beaches in the state right here. 

How to get there: Those coming from neighboring cities can drive or hire a cab driver. Montgomery, Baton Rouge, or Jackson is only mere hours away. There are also ferry services across the stunning Mobile Bay’s mouth, but you should confirm as the departures differ by the season. Those coming by air can make use of the Pensacola International Airport and the Mobile Regional Airport. It is just one hour’s drive from the airport to the beach. 

What to do there: Beach sports, lounging on the beach and dancing to folk music. Do some parasailing and enjoy a dolphin cruise. Eat snacks at the local restaurants. 

2. Mobile

The refined French aura of Mobile makes it the ideal destination for a weekend getaway for lovers. Tour the historic mansions, walk along the time-tested zones and marvel at the shade trees. 

How to get there: There are many buses you can take from other parts of Alabama or nearby states. You can also drive by yourself. Those coming from outside the United States have the Mobile Airport and Birmingham Airport. 

What to do there: Tour Fort Conde before you head to the French Fort, where you get to learn all you can about the history of this great capital. Pay a visit to the Mobile Carnival Museum. 

3. Downtown Birmingham

Birmingham is the largest city in the state . If you happen to be an adventurous spirit in love with all kinds of voyages, this is the ideal place for you to have your weekend getaway. There is so much for you to do and explore in this magnificent city that the memories will be etched in your mind forever. 

How to get there: Those from nearby states can either drive or hire a cab or do some rideshare. For those coming from outside the United States, there is Birmingham Airport for them. 

What to do there: Enjoy spectacular music shows at the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame before you head to the Civil Rights District for a good dose of history of some of the most courageous minds in the United States. 

Take a stroll down the iconic downtown and the Loft District where you can check out some really strange things at the Birmingham Oddities and the Museum of Fond Memories. Never forget to try out some of the most delicious barbecues of all kinds. If time is still on your side, visit the Bellingrath Gardens and Home. 

4. Selma

Selma is the place to be for a weekend full of exciting history, especially regarding the civil rights era. Your weekend is going to be laden with activities in Montgomery. You can commence the voyage on the Selma by following the Montgomery National Historic Trail. It is heartwarming to know that this is the same path that marchers adopted in 1965 when they were fighting for voting rights. Perch majestically on the Edmund Pettus Bridge as it spans the scenic Alabama River. 

How to get there: You can use the extensive road network for your driving while the state’s airports are the main entry points for international tourists. 

What to do there: Proceed to the National Voting Rights Museum and Institute and learn even more about the civil rights movement. There is also the Slavery and Civil War Museum for you to explore. Selma is a good place to learn but it also has some of the most tranquil restaurants where you can enjoy typical Alabaman diets like Pimento cheese, fried dill pickles, fried catfish, banana pudding, BBQ pulled pork, skillet cornbread, and chicken salad. 

5. Eufaula

Anyone who is a big fan of Southern architecture, spending your weekend in Eufaula in the southeastern portion of Alabama, is going to be a dream come true for you. In Eufaula, you will see some of the most outstanding mansions in the southern part of the United States. This serene town overlooks the Chattahoochee River, and it makes the area naturally beautiful. Commence your trip on Eufaula Avenue and behold the gracious homes. 

How to get there: You can make use of the extensive road network for your driving from neighboring cities or states while the state’s airports are the main entry points for international tourists. 

What to do there: Visit the Seth Lore-Irwinton Historic District and take the coolest photos with the mansions in your background. Engage in the Eufaula Athenaeum Tour, during which you will see a lot of historical objects in the region. 

6. Huntsville

Yes, Huntsville! If you want a genuinely extraterrestrial weekend experience, there is no better place for you than Huntsville. This is one of the most important places in the United States as far as the history of space science and technology is concerned. 

How to get there: You can come in by air directly and land at the Huntsville International Airport, which is just 15 minutes from downtown Huntsville via driving. If you want to drive, Huntsville is just a couple of hours south of Nashville, 90 minutes north of Birmingham, and over three hours from Memphis. There are train services too to reach Huntsville via Amtrak at the Anniston and Birmingham stations. 

What to do there: Visit the United States Space and Rocket Center; this vast complex is the most prominent space flight museum on the planet. Here, you can see the space capsules used for the Apollo 16 missions. Experience the dizzying G-forces while taking the Space Shot ride or know what it is like to be in space via simulations in the Apollo Cockpit Trainer. 

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