5 Weekend Getaways from Rio de Janeiro


If you ever find yourself in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is a city you must never miss. It is ravishingly attractive with the finest tourists spots, unforgettable meals and of course, some of the most famous beaches on the planet! 

The city is appreciate for not just its staggering diversity but also its dynamic aura. Anyone interested in the most colorful weekend getaways will find Rio de Janeiro most amazing. The coastal party settlements, the pristine beaches, colonial builders and the finest Latin American cuisine – Rio de Janeiro has it all. 


This was formerly a quiet village for fishermen but it has evolved to become the most popular weekend relaxation spot. It exploded to fame in 1964 when Brigitte Bardot and her lover paid a visit. Ever since that visit, Buzios has become an attractive spot and it is now a place for the crème de la crème of Brazil. 

With a combination of the most exotic cuisine, bubbling nightlife and flawless beaches, Buzios has something for everyone. There are almost two dozen beaches in Buzios so you can make the best of your tropical weekends!

How to get there: You can drive directly from the city center. Buses are also available. 

What to do there: Engage in all kinds of beach sports, like beach volleyball while you taste some of the local delicacies around. 


Petropolis is the best location for anyone trying to escape the tropical heat of Rio de Janeiro itself. This place is nestled within the mountains and it offers coolness like nowhere else. This makes it the destination of choice during the hottest summer months. It is a lovely region full of buildings that date back in time. 

How to get there: Driving from Rio de Janeiro to Petropolis will cover a distance of 68 kilometers. You can either drive on your own or you take a bus or the train. Buses take 90 minutes and the train takes almost three hours. 

What to do there: Visit the historic Imperial Museum, it was formerly the summer residence of the emperor. Tour the Santos Dumont’s place which is the former house of the man who made history as the first to fly an aircraft. Check out of forest trails and the stunning scenery of the nearby Serra dos Orgaos National Park. 

Ouro Preto

Even though Ouro Preto is some significant drive away, it is totally worth it. Enjoy the majestic colonial buildings, tranquil nature of the people and food that you can never resist. Major sites include churches built in the 18th century and a special museum in honor of the life and works of the most respected baroque artist in the country, Aleijadinho. There is a fresh park for lovers and once again, do not forget to taste the street dishes. 

How to get there: There are taxis directly from the airport or you go with the transit or central buses. You can also choose to drive on your own if you can. 

What to do there: Ouro Preto is known as the home  of the most excellent dishes in all of Brazil. Sample the home-made dishes from exciting locals. Tour the park with your friend or lover. Try to make and enjoy some of the most typical Brazilian dishes. 

Ilha Grande

This is generally called a tropical heaven on earth and that is the perfect description for the place. It is perched off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and it is renowned for having some of the best beaches in all of Brazil. Lopes Mendes is one of the most enchanting beaches on Ilha Grande. The beaches are full of white sand and incredibly-beautiful blue seas. The area is a totally motor-free zone so you can enjoy the noiseless charm of this area. 

How to get there: You can travel by road to either Angra dos Reis, Conceicao de Jacarei or Mangaratiba. From any of these places, you will then take a water taxi, private schooner or ferry until you get to the island. 

What to do there: There is an old but disused prison that attracts many visitors, you should check it out too. Lounge on the beaches all day and take some of the most unbelievable photos. Shower in the life-giving waterfalls and hike in the forests while your eyes devour the panorama. 


This is a brilliant coastal town laden with pure beaches, crystal clear waters and forests that are so pristine you can smell the wildlife in the air. It is located just a couple of hours of driving from Rio de Janeiro. The natural beauty of Ubatuba and its irresistible combination of beaches mean you will have a most memorable stay there. If you are a surfer, this is the place for you. 

How to get there: You can take an intercity bus directly from Sao Paulo or you go with private taxis. The journey should take about three hours. 

What to do there: Visit the Itamambuca Beach and enjoy the waves as a surfer. Tour the TAMAR visitor area where you learn a lot about turtles. If you have the time to reach Anchieta Island, you can even feed some wildlife. 

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