5 Reasons Windows Recommends Buying An Antivirus Solution


Microsoft removed an important feature to turn off Windows Update from the operating system. System administrators have to download & install the latest security updates, and drivers update in the machine. You can do a couple of settings to stop Windows from downloading the updates from Microsoft servers, but it is a temporary solution. You might have seen Windows recommending you install an Antivirus system in the PC.

Why Windows 10 does recommend installing an Antivirus system?

Microsoft is a well-known company around the world and there isn’t anything that cannot accomplish at this business point. The American software company could have developed an advanced security system for Windows 10 and shipped it to prevent invaders from attacking the computer.

MS did develop “Windows Defender/Security” and it is the default security system in Windows operating system. However, the American software company is insisting customers in the Notification Center to subscribe to third-party security solutions.

Allow us to give you 5 reasons why Windows doesn’t want you to rely on “Windows Defender/Security” and opt-in for third-party security instead.

1. Windows Defender Failed

Many experts have spent time on researching on how threats function and penetrate “Defender” walls. Unfortunately, Microsoft security in the operating system is enough because it allowed many Malware, Trojans, Spyware, and other harmful threats inside the machine.

Microsoft advertised Windows 7 Defender is an important aspect because it offers 10 years of software support & updates. Customers are protected by the “Defender Security” for 10 years, and they save $5000+ on average.

Invaders have gotten smarter and it ultimately led to the failure of Windows Defender. MS worked on security but it is no longer bulletproof proof and the current situation is that they are allowing third-party solutions to replace Windows Firewall as well.

2. Defender is unable to keep up

Microsoft has smart developers on their side but the number of vulnerabilities is increasing drastically. You can find different types of security threats like Malware, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware, Phishing, Malvertising, Suspicious pages, and more.

The antivirus companies have developed collaborations, where they share data on the newly foundthreats and design the virus definitions based on the data. Many Windows security solutions don’t share it with Microsoft because they don’t want the multi-billion dollar company to take over this business model.

Allow us to give you an example, so you can comprehend the situation.

The first snapshot displays the number of attacks was prevented by the Avast Free Antivirus.

The second snapshot prevented many types of threats.

We know that some of them may not bother you, but they are annoying pop-up advertisements. You are paying a premium for the protection and it will keep you safe from many threats compared to Windows Defender.

3. Professionals

Millions of corporate employees & company machines were hijacked by Ransomware and Windows could not protect thousands of machines around the world. The businesses around the world had to lose data or pay for the data because Ransomware locked down the machine. Nobody could do anything about it as it was advanced encryption that will erase the entire Windows PC if tampered.

Many corporate companies are purchasing antivirus solutions from popular companies like Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton, and others. You can purchase a premium solution for Windows PC, and you don’t have to make the decision right away.

Read security solution reviews online and it will give you broad ideas on the subject.For instance, you can read the Kaspersky antivirus review that covers in-depth information about what’s being provided in the bundle, features, modern functions, security protocol, and more.

4. Real-time Protection

Windows security solutions offer real-time protection against all threats and will keep your data & browsing data safer from the invaders. The protection shields will keep on running in the background.

If your desktop or laptop constantly connects to an active internet connection, then you should get a premium solution. Hundreds of smart developers are working on offering the latest virus definitions that will prevent your machine from getting infected by new threats.

5. Add-ons

Many desktop security solutions are offering add-ons that improve security, but they do invade privacy in or other ways. You can purchase one license and connect up to 3 devices or more. You get browser extensions that will tell you if the website has good ratings or negative ratings. Avast bundles a Chromium-based browser called “Safe Browser” that is designed for internet banking.

You can check out the features and add-ons if that is important for your business. You can switch to the Linux operating system if online security is your #1 priority.Linux OS like Ubuntu, Fedora, BSD, and others don’t need security programs.

Bottom Line

Have installed Windows 10 (Build Version 2004)& Linux (Kubuntu 20.4) on desktop & laptop to measure the protection, and Linux blew our mind away. However, Ubuntu has missing applications that we have on Windows, which puts Microsoft solution on the top. Let us know what do you think about Windows Defender’s future in the comment section below.

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