5 Interesting Stationery Hacks That Will Surprise You

For many people, stationery items are nothing more than writing and office items, and there can be nothing interesting about it. What if I told you that there are very unusual things that you can use the stationery for apart from their regular uses? Yes, hacks!

Hacks are not just fun, but they can also increase efficiency and productivity in the corporate space. If you are ready, let us take a look at five brilliant stationery hacks that will leave you speechless! 

  1. Shower Caddy: Not many know that there is a fun way of storing their pens, jotters, and notepads together. They can simply keep the stationery items in an old and inexpensive shower caddy, which you can hang in your space and put your notepads, tapes, and others in. You are free to use any design that comes to your mind in this regard as you can reshape the shower caddy and even add some other items to it. There is no limit to your creativity if you believe in your imagination. 
  2. Cutlery Set Turned Stationery Hub: A typical cutlery tray is the last thing many will think of when considering where they want to keep their stationery items. Instead of disposing the cutlery tray, put it inside your drawer in the office, and it becomes your new stationery hub. The good thing about the cutlery tray is that it already has compartments that will easily fit your stationery. Now, you never have to look for your pens or misplace your scissors again. Put everything in place neatly and stay efficient at work. 
  3. Turn Clippings Into Artwork:  Many people are not even aware that they can make anything nice from their paper clippings. They just throw everything away. However, there is an exciting hack for these clippings. You can glue all of them together on a cardboard and hang them on your office wall. That is an artwork at no cost to you. It also offers you an excellent opportunity to exercise your creativity to the fullest. So, you do not have to throw your clippings away again as you can always turn them into a fascinating piece of art
  4. Make Improvised Corrector:  By using just a file clip, foam, and some gouache mixed with some PVA glue, you can make a useful corrector. There is no need for you to spend money on another jar of Tipp-Ex. All you need to do is cut the foam’s tip, put it inside the clip, then dab into the mixture of gouache and PVA, and apply over the area on the paper that you want to clean. It is elegant and does not smudge your paper. It also dries up quickly – just like using the regular Tipp-Ex. This is definitely a lot more fun and interesting. 
  5. Erasing Permanent Markings from Any Surface:  We have all been frustrated with the inscription from a permanent marker that we cannot get rid of. Well, here are some tips on how you can go about it. If the marking is on a whiteboard, then simply color it with a dry erase marker and wipe it clean. If the permanent marking is on a tile surface, apply toothpaste all over it and clean with soft fabric or serviette paper. It will come off neatly. If the marking is on wood, put some rubbing alcohol on serviette paper and clean. For the same permanent marking on countertops, put a nail polish remover on a soft fabric and clean. If it is on clothes, you do the same using a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. All of a sudden, you can see that the permanent marking is no longer permanent. 


As we can all see, regular stationery items can be turned into some great and creative uses. The ones listed here are by no means exhaustive. You can still be a lot more creative with your stationery. With all these tips, you will not look at these items the same way again, try one of these hacks, and have fun! 

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