5 DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween


Halloween is one of the most festive periods of the year. It is the moment you enjoy the most lavish dishes while rocking the scariest but interesting costumes. Pumpkin is a major feature during Halloween season and because it is carved, it is an avenue for you to unleash your creative skills. This is a way to make the best of the vibrant spirit of the celebrations.

If you have the right skills or ideas, you can get these carvings done and let everyone be thrilled and amazed with your designs. That is why this piece is going to concentrate on five DIY pumpkin carving ideas for the season: 

Classic Hollow Style

This is one of the easiest techniques if you know the steps. The first thing to do is take your pumpkin, get a pencil or marker and draw a line across where you are going to slice the top of the fruit off. Get a sharp knife and while securely holding it, carefully slice the top off. 

Use a smaller and sharper knife to cut a circle around the top so it can hollow out. Get a spoon and use it to remove the top of the pumpkin, you will see all the seeds inside. Use the spoon and your fingers to scrape out everything from the inside. You will be left with a hollowed-out pumpkin at this point and if you feel the skin is too thick, get a spoon and scrape out the sides from the inside in the area you want to carve. 

On the external side of the pumpkin, get a pencil or market and sketch the places you will be having the mouth, eyes, nose and other features. Add as many scary designs as you want at this point. Use a sharp knife to cut through the areas you have sketched out while firmly and securely holding the pumpkin in place. 

Carve out all the shapes with a rocking motion of the knife against the pumpkin skin. Be very careful so as not to cut your fingers in the process. Push out all the fleshy pieces and clean off the sketches on the skin. Get a candle, place it inside and put the lid inside – that is how you get your horror pumpkin glowing face! 

Cannibal Style

Imagine a pumpkin eating another pumpkin? Nothing can be more amazing that having such a design for Halloween and yes, you can get it done. after cutting off the lid of the pumpkin, get a smaller pumpkin and place it against the bigger one to gauge the size. Use a marker pen to then draw a mouth around the area of the smaller pumpkin. 

Cut out and remove this section of the pumpkin to reveal the gaping mouth. Proceed to draw a line around the mouth and this will serve as the teeth so you should sketch out the teeth too. Use a small knife to carve out the upper and lower layers of the teeth. Cut out some eyes and nose once you are done perfecting the teeth. 

You can make use of the black marker pen to draw some scary pupils. At this point, the large pumpkin is ready for use. Get the small pumpkin and draw a sad face on it as it is about to get eaten by the bigger one! Cut out the design neatly on the small pumpkin and wedge it in between the teeth of the bigger one – and there you have the cannibal style! 

Fiery Piranha Design

In this DIY, you get to carve monstrously-big teeth on the pumpkin and then light it – the flaming patterns in the background of the teeth sure makes for a spooky effect. So let us start: once you have sliced out the top, get a pen and draw a very big mouth, eyes and long teeth. 

Cut out everything carefully while removing the skin from infront of the teeth to give you the fangs. Instead of using a candle, let us do something more spectacular. Take the pumpkin outside, drop a cotton wool soaked in fuel then light it up! Maintain a safe distance as you watch the flames leap up. 

Superman Pumpkin

Remember that this is Halloween season and it is all about creative designs. Draw the lines of the iconic face of Superman on the surface. Take time to get the perfect drawing then take time to cut out the face properly. 

Wash out the extra ink on the skin by washing under running water. You can do the same design with the Batman or even Spiderman logo. Go for practically any memorable design that catches your fancy. This will be a good one for those who love superheroes and the designs look awesome when the glow with the lights in the dark! 

The Spewing Pumpkin 

The more human-like you can make your design, the more attractive it  will be. The spewing pumpkin is one of the most dramatic and you start out by scooping out the seeds and innards then keep in a separate container as you will need them later. 

Get a marker and draw out a very expressive face. Cut out the mouth and darken the eyes using coloring. Pour guacamole out of the mouth. You can even use some chips to scoop up the guacamole and eat! Instead of using guacamole, you can use the seeds and innards you kept earlier. Go ahead and make the next Halloween season a memorable one! 

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