4 Ideas to Make a Play Area for Your Puppy


If you own a pet, you must have noticed that a bored dog with a vibrant nature can be very hectic for you to handle. Those who have a well-mannered canine will tell you that one of the secrets is that the animal is getting enough physical and mental stimulation daily. If this is not provided for the pets, they will find a way to do this independently. Before you know what is going on, your cabinets and beloved shoes will be torn to shreds. 

An ideal solution here is to have a play area for your puppy. An excellent play area for your puppy means that your dog will get all the necessary physical and mental stimulation without turning your whole home upside down. Even when you are not home, your dog will be busy and occupied at all times. This piece discusses a total of four puppy play areas that you can do for yourself in the comfort of your home. 

Yard Style

This is an outdoor DIY puppy play zone. As you know that your dog loves digging, find a designated section of the yard with soft soil. You can get some extra mulch or sand so that it will be a lot easier for your canine buddy to dig. Demarcate the area with small wooden planks. 

In one corner, let there be a potty zone made with newspapers or station your pee-pads strategically so your pet can relieve itself when need be. To keep the dog busy at all times, let there be enough toys in the area. This way you can even leave your pet alone while you work. 

Garage Shade

If you happen to have enough space in your garage or even in the patio, you can carve out a zone for your pet. But before you do so, make sure that the entire area is fully ventilated and there must be no severe noise pollution. 

To make the place as puppy-friendly as possible, let there be toys preferred by your puppy stuff in the area. The toys are always important because they will keep your pet occupied. The shade is critical because this is an outdoor puppy play area. A shade will offer adequate protection to the pet from adverse weather conditions like rainfall or even excessive sunshine. 

Raised Kennel 

This is an indoor structure, and it is usually more comfortable than other alternatives. You can use the most dog-friendly fabric or material as a flooring layer. As it is a raised kennel, do not forget to do the paneling properly. If you have several puppies, your kennel can be divided into different sections or compartments for your canine pals. 

Let there be a small fence to ring the pets inside while also creating a zone for your four-legged companions. It has to be pointed out that those with the relevant woodwork skills will find this easiest. Fortunately, there are online tutorials that you can watch to learn how to go about it. 

Using Recycled Items

For this type of puppy play region, you will need disused wooden cabinets and bundles of newspapers. Foam and other fabric to make soft bedding material on the surface will also be required. Cut everything into the size and shape the wood as you like it. 

As it is a project you are handling yourself, you are free to be as creative as possible, but you should know that the play area is not for you but your pet. All your designs must reflect comfort and fun for your pet because that is what matters. The more comfortable your dog is, the better for you too, as the owner. Your puppy will be busy having fun while you can concentrate on other important issues for you.

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