4 Factors that Can Affect a Bathroom Partition Pricing

Bathroom partition pricing can vary depending on many variables, so for each project, the total cost is different. You are probably trying to ascertain how much the bathroom partitions would cost when considering a bathroom renovation. You will find that the bathroom partitions are an excellent long-term investment, and it will last you several years and deliver outstanding value for the price, no matter what material you pick. 

Factors Involved in A Bathroom Partition Pricing

The actual total cost of bathroom partitions will be determined by a number of different factors, which include:


What the bathroom partitions are made of would be the very first factor. There is a variety of options available for materials, all set at various price points. You can choose between premium-priced or cost-effective materials to get the features you prefer, dependent on your space requirements.

Choosing a toilet partition material is among the most impactful decisions that owners would face regarding bathroom design. The durability, compatibility, resilience to damage, and how conveniently it can be cleaned and maintained can significantly influence the material chosen for a bathroom partition unit.

Depending on how it would be used, each bathroom partition material has different advantages and disadvantages. A basic overview of important material choice criteria for a bathroom partition is given below.

The market has four main types of bathroom partitions. The type of partition used is usually determined by the amount of movement going to and from the bathroom. Some of the most typically utilized partition types, the benefits, and disadvantages can be found below.


The most popular and economical alternative currently offered for bathrooms are metal partitions. The most famous is powder-coated steel. The powdered-steel coloring is added to the surface, and then it is placed inside of an oven, wherein the powder will be fully baked. The powdered-steel will be directly applied to a durable sheet of metal covering honeycomb cardboard.

It is the preferred choice by most people because, although the range of color selection is limited, it still offers a decent finish. Depending on the type of setup and number of bathroom partitions required, prices will range from $250 and $1000. Several suppliers usually promise a 12-month warranty deal.

Plastic laminate 

This type of bathroom partition will usually cost approximately 10 percent more than that of powder-coated steel. Like the earlier type mentioned above, several suppliers offer a 1-year warranty on this type of partition.

This partition type is produced by attaching a layer of laminate to the substrate of particleboard. A flimsy layer of laminate is then coated to the metal sheet. This type is quite popular since it can be produced in a wide range of colors, and it is also highly customizable.

One significant issue with this type of bathroom partition is that it is best not to be used in hot or wet environments – like public pools and pool toilets. If this type of bathroom partition is installed, keep in mind that it should only be installed in a location that is away from the shower area.

Depending on the style of layout and number of partitions required, costs can vary between $250 for a 36×60 inches deep and $1,200 for a three 36×60 inches panel.

Solid plastic 

Solid plastic bathroom partitions are very highly resistant and durable. They are made of solid plastic panels that are one inch thick, costing about 75 percent more than that of the powder-coated steel bathroom partition and about 65 percent more than that of a plastic laminate partition.

They are the ultimate choice for public toilets, schools, bathrooms for transportation services, and restrooms with heavy traffic. Because of this partition’s durability, it can be used almost anywhere. The warranty being offered for this type of partition is usually about 10 to 15 years.

Solid plastic bathroom partitions are certainly not cheap, but they will surely last far longer than many other types of partitions. For a 36 “by 60” deep, it will cost around $350. And $1,800 for a three 36×60 inches. Still, the total price will depend on the size and type of the required installation.


If you would like to get a durable but still has an elegant finish, the best choice is to get a stainless-steel bathroom partition.  You can purchase it with a pattern already etched into the stainless-steel panel.

The stainless-steel bathroom partitions are the costliest out of these four options, and often they will cost twice much more than the powder-coated steel bathroom partition. They can last a long time, scratch-resistant, and can be cleaned effortlessly. Stainless steel bathroom partitions may be utilized in virtually every climatic condition, including wet or humid settings. 

Their only downside is the cost, and they can often be too bulky and cumbersome to install, but they can swing (open and close) quickly once they are already installed. For a 36×60 inches deep, it will cost around $600 and $2,600 for a three 360×60 inches. Like with any bathroom partition type already mentioned, the total cost will still vary on the layout and the installation type required.

Several more options… 

The four options identified above are some of the market’s bestselling bathroom partition styles. However, there are several more choices, but it will all boil down on what you have to install. Ensure that the prices are thoroughly compared and note that the bathroom layout will also impact the bathroom partition pricing.


Design is directly relevant to the choice of material. You will need to make careful choices to fit your theme if you would like your bathroom to depict a specific style. While high-end bathroom partitions tend to cost more, they also have a better aesthetic appeal.


The next variable to take into consideration is the environment in which the bathroom partitions would be installed. Specific materials (such as solid plastic and phenolic) that avoid mold and mildew and other damages are necessary for environments with heavy humidity or moisture, such as swimming pool settings and showers. The bathroom partitions will likely cost more if your scenario is similar to that described since you will require premium materials.


The number of necessary bathroom partitions would be the final factor influencing the bathroom partition installation cost. More partitions in the restroom will result in higher expenditure, no matter what type of material you pick.

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