4 Additions Which Will Take Your Outdoor Party To the Next Level

Are you hosting an epic outdoor party? Here’s what you need to know.

There’s nothing better than an outdoor party in the twilight of the summer. With the weather warm, but not too hot, you can spend most of the day and night outside with your friends, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company.

If you want to take your outdoor party to another level though, you’ve got to get planning. In this post, we’re going to give you a hand by telling you the 5 things that you absolutely need to add to your party plans. Use a few of these and you’ll have a party for the ages.

1. Lighting

If you want your party to pop off, you’ve got to have levels of lighting. Of course, you need lighting to see if your party is going deep into the night, but you can also use it to set the exact mood you want.

There are loads of great outdoor lighting options available; string lights, flood lights, or paper lanters. The trick to creating a good mood is using various forms of lighting in a complementary way. Nothing should be too well lit in the night, but just enough so that people can see and talk to each other.

2. Games & Entertainment

What outdoor party is complete without games? Get yourself some cornhole, giant jenga, and any of the frat house drinking games that you think will work for your crowd.

Party games can do wonders for the mood of your party and the interaction of your guests. If you’ve got a lot of guests that don’t know each other that well, a party game can be the perfect way to break the ice, so have them set up all over your party area.

Another thing to consider is a party package. There are companies that cover most of your gaming, seating, and outdoor entertainment needs so you don’t have to run around trying to find things. Check out these packages to get an idea of what a party package provides.

3. Music

You’re also going to need some music. Whether you go with live music, a live DJ, or you just get some speakers and connect your phone to them is up to you.

Consider your guests’ taste and let that inform your decision. If you’re making a Spotify playlist, make sure to include a wide variety of genres so that everyone is left satisfied by your musical stylings.

4. Going Green

When you have a party outside, you get to enjoy nature to some degree. However, outdoor parties are often the least sustainable type of get-together because you end up using a lot of plastic cups, plastic utensils, and paper plates.

Try and make your party as green as you possibly can by bringing reusable plates and cups into the equation. You’re not going to be able to offset everything, but trying is better than not.

Make Your Outdoor Party a Winner

Any outdoor party would be improved by these 4 things, but you can go as big as you want. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather while it lasts, just don’t make too much noise or you might get a visit from the local police.

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