3 Major Factors To Consider Before Getting a Facelift

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. A facelift elevates and tightens the skin, which can help people look and feel younger.

Although facelifts are not as intensive as other plastic surgery procedures, they change the way you see and feel about yourself. Because of that, there are some factors you should consider before committing to one.

Keep reading to learn about three factors you need to think about before undergoing a facelift.

1. Check Your Motivations

Before you decide to get a facelift, you first need to ask yourself why you want one in the first place. Are you doing it to improve your life and the way you see yourself, or for other reasons?

Social media allows people to see the lives of glamorous and wealthy people at any time of the day. This makes it easy to compare yourself to a beauty influencer on the other side of the country. Before you realize it, you may be thinking that you need to undergo cosmetic surgery to be as beautiful or youthful-looking as they are.

Understand that any form of cosmetic or plastic surgery isn’t something you need. You can be an amazing person without surgery. However, if something is bothering you and fixing it will make you happier, then you should do it.

2. Understand the Financial Costs

Aside from checking your motivations, you also need to check your bank account. Be realistic: is plastic surgery something you can afford right now?

Most insurance policies consider plastic or cosmetic surgery to be an out of the pocket expense. This means that in many cases, they won’t help you pay for the procedure.

Although a facelift isn’t as expensive as some other options, some people may struggle to afford it. Make sure that you’re in a financial place where you can afford such luxuries.

3. Be Aware of Your Doctor’s Qualifications

Not all doctors are the same. The results of your surgery can vary based on your doctor’s qualifications and experience.

Check to see if the American Board of Plastic Surgeons or American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery has certified your doctor. There are no other official boards or certifications.

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about their experience before deciding to commit to the procedure. Make sure that they are honest and transparent about the patients they’ve worked with and the procedures they’ve done.

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Consider These Three Factors Before Getting a Facelift

Before you choose to undergo any plastic surgery, it’s important that you understand the various factors at play. If you’re planning on getting a facelift, consider these three factors before you make a decision.

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