12 Signs that it’s Time to Replace Your Roof


Does your home need a new roof? Sometimes that need isn’t as obvious as a failure or a leak, and there are several signs that may indicate it’s time to restore or replace the roof. We provide free estimates and assess the damage to determine whether repairs or a replacement would be the right solution. Here, you’ll learn a few signs to look for when considering roof replacement Charlotte, SC.

Why is Roof Replacement So Important?

Roof replacement is often neglected because of its expense, but its importance should not be underestimated. A new roof from Dennis & Sons Roofing will give a home or business protection from the elements. When a roof reaches its limit, it may fail suddenly, causing serious property damage and a significant risk of injury.

A new, well-maintained roof will not only protect your property but will also improve its appearance and increase its value. New roofs may also lower energy bills by keeping structures properly insulated. Call us today to see how we can help improve your lifestyle and decrease your spending with a new roof.

Now that you’ve learned why roof replacement is so important, we’ll discuss the signs that it’s time to schedule a replacement.

Visible Leaks or Water Damage

A leaking roof is a big sign that you need repairs or a complete replacement. Even a minor leak may grow into a major problem, causing severe damage to your home and possessions. At the earliest sign of a leak, call us, and we’ll determine whether repair or replacement is the best option.

A Sagging Ceiling

Though a sagging ceiling may not seem to be a big issue at first, it may indicate that a leak is causing moisture problems. If the ceiling can be pushed upward with a hand or a stick, it’s likely caused by moisture from a hidden leak. It’s important not to ignore these problems until they become obvious. When your ceiling starts to sag, call us as soon as possible.

Dark Streaks

Dark streaks and stains on a ceiling show that moisture is getting in because of a leak. This moisture may work its way into the walls, leaving stains that run from top to bottom. Though leaks aren’t always visible, dark stains indicate that water is getting in and the roof should be examined.

Light Comes In Through the Roof Boards

From the attic or another location where the inside of the roof is visible, look for cracks where light shines in. This is a definitive sign of missing shingles and other roof damage, and it may mean there’s a serious leak. The roof should be repaired or replaced if there’s any light coming through from the outside.

It’s reached a Certain Age

If the roof is more than two decades old, it is due for a replacement. If you’ve bought a house and aren’t sure when the roof was replaced, ask your neighbors when they’ve had roofing work done. Don’t wait for roofing problems to arise—schedule regular inspections to determine when it’s time to replace the roof. If others in your neighborhood are replacing their homes’ roofs, call us and let us inspect yours for signs that it needs to be replaced.

Damage from Animals

Wild animals often try to make homes inside attics, causing serious damage as they do so. Though small holes can be patched once the invaders are removed, if they’re left untended, they’ll lead to even more problems.

Shingles are Decaying

Roofs with asphalt or wood shingles may begin to rot when they’re at the end of their lifespans. Though the shingles themselves will not rot, they may become brittle with time. During a roof inspection, falling, curled, or cracked shingles demonstrate the need for roofing repairs or a complete replacement.

Always keep up with roof maintenance and store all documents related to your roof repairs, as Gustafson Roofing advises

Granules are Wearing Away

Time and bad weather may cause a roof’s shingles to lose their granular coverings, making them look bare and patchy. Shingles that are low-quality or have been poorly stored may wear faster, resulting in damage the premature need for replacement. Granules protect the shingles and the roof, and losing that protective layer will make the entire roof wear out sooner. If there’s widespread granule loss, it may be necessary to replace the entire roof.

Shingles are Broken or Missing

A roof that has broken or missing shingles is an indicator of the need for a full replacement. When shingles are missing or broken, the roof can’t provide adequate protection. Large areas of damage may lead to leaks, and such roofs should be replaced promptly to avoid further losses.

The Roof Has Been Damaged by Hail or Wind

High winds often rip shingles from roofs. If shingles are missing after a windstorm, they should be replaced quickly to minimize the risk of further damage. Without the shingles’ protection, exposed areas are susceptible to leaks.

Small dents caused by hail may lead to leaks with time. The shingles’ granules will wear away, causing the roof to deteriorate faster when there’s hail damage. If the problem is minor, a repair may be enough, but if there’s widespread hail damage, a new roof might be the only solution.

The Flashing Has Been Damaged

If the roof has chimneys and other areas with flashing, these parts may become damaged with time. Roof and tar cement flashing around penetration points are likely to leak and may point to the need for roof repairs. In some cases, the flashing can be replaced with a more durable steel variety, resolving the problem.

The Roof Was Poorly Installed

A roof with badly placed shingles will deteriorate prematurely, and most of these problems are due to poor craftsmanship. Roofs that are  not professionally completed typically have reduced lifespans and are more likely to leak. If your roof isn’t up to our high standards, it may be best to replace it with our professional service and top-quality materials.

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