10 Rules For a Safe Hotel Stay During COVID-19 Pandemic


Amidst the outbreak of Corona Virus our lives, including work have been driven indoors. The present routine of everyone is so monotonous that people are looking for a getaway or a trip. With the restaurants and hotels reopening, you may also feel an urge to visit your favorite destination with your squad or just a road trip to refresh yourself. Though everyone is wondering whether it is safe to stay in a hotel or not, below are some steps that you can follow to ensure you are safe and healthy. Here is how to stay in a hotel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Go to a safe Destination

The first and foremost tip for safe travel is to choose your destination wisely and avoiding any place which has a higher number of cases. Though you cannot check on each and every guest but taking an informed decision is always better.

  • Always Wear a Mask

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak has been announced, masks have become best friends of people. No matter if you step outside just to buy grocery, you have to wear them all the time. So, while staying in a hotel, make sure you wear a mask in all the common areas like lifts and lobbies. Also make sure you maintain appropriate social distancing with others. This is the first and the most important step to stay in a hotel in these tough times.

  • Wash Your Hands

This is also a general guideline we have been following since a very long time now, but still it should be kept in mind. Washing your hands regularly kills any kind of microbe that you may have caught accidently. Also, sanitizing them from time to time especially after any interactions is also important. Try not touching your face while you are out.

  • Avoid Frequent Housekeeping

It may sound a little overwhelming, but doing your chores yourself during this time is one of the best ways to avoid getting infected. Try to restrict the entry of others into your room. You can ask for extra towels, sheets, toiletries and all the other things at the start of your stay itself. So, it is one of the most important rules for a safe hotel stay during COVID.

  • Avoid Dine Out

Since you cannot eat or drink with a mask, it would be better if you will just skip going out and order room service for your meals. Dining in your room will limit your contact with others. Contactless delivery by the hotel staff can be asked at the time of ordering food. So, it is a safer option as compared to going out to eat.

  • Research About the Hotel’s Safety Measures

It is always a good idea to research about the safety measures that hotel has been taking to take care of their guests. It includes adhering to WHO recommendations like wearing masks and providing hand sanitizer in common areas, frequent disinfection of the public areas, contactless check-in and checkout, floor markings and other things like that. If the hotel has been taking all these measures, then you are good to go. Hotels listed under Make My Trip are taking all the safety measures and making sure that your stay is comfortable in their rooms. If you are planning to book hotels room, try makemytrip and get extra discount on hotels booking using coupon code

Sanitize Your Room Yourself

Although hotels should properly sanitize rooms between guests, sanitizing it again will only add to your safety. So, go for a quick clean yourself, especially on high-touch points like door handles, TV and AC remotes, switches and desks or tables. 

  • Avoid Common Hotel Amenities 

Although the hotel might have opened all its facilities, it will be better if you don’t use them. Shared hotel amenities like gym and spa can cause some serious problems as the use of masks is quite challenging at such places. You cannot wear a mask in a gym as it becomes difficult to breathe in them. In the case of spa, the risk may be slightly lower, but it also involves physical interaction so it should be avoided.

  • Take a room that has not been used for a few days

Corona Virus can live on some surfaces for upto 72 hours. And this means you are prone to the virus if you take the room that has been just vacated. For maximum safety, ask for a room that has been vacant for at least 3 days. 

  • Research about the hotel’s plan for guests who fall sick during the stay

If you fall sick, you should always know about Plan B. Make sure to enquire about all the actions the hotel staff is going to take if you fall sick suddenly. They should have a resident physician and if not they should have information on the nearest medical facilities.

Ultimately, staying in a hotel is a calculated risk and you should think of all the possible things that could go wrong. You cannot drive the risk to an absolute zero but you can do things to minimize the risk. The steps stated above will save you as well as the people around you from getting infected.

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