Year-Round Financial Services and Tax Prep: G.I. Tax

With two corporate locations, and founded in 2012 by 30-year C.P.A. Glenn Sandler, G.I. Tax Service is America’s premiere provider of year-round tax preparation and financial services including tax planning and small business formation assistance. 

G.I. Tax also reaches out to military veterans and entrepreneurs with turnkey franchise opportunities—and that dedication is more than lip service. 

The company believes in corporate responsibility and is active in a variety of local charities that help military families. As a corporate policy, they donate $10 from each tax return to a military or first responder charity.

At G.I. Tax, they wish to support their clients, franchise owners, military families, and first responders in their pursuit of the American Dream.

A new vision for tax planning.

The nature of the tax preparation industry has always been a “one and done” business model that usually closes up its doors after the tax season, leaving its customers with no place to go for further financial advice and planning. 

According to G.I. Tax, that model is long overdue for a change. They found that their relationships with their customers were just beginning during tax season. G.I Tax offices are open all year long to be there when their customers need them. They are the first in the industry to offer their “Patriot Bar” services to their clients that allow for free financial advice twelve months a year, without charge. 

These services include notary public services, financial planning advice, credit counseling, FAFSA application aid, court financial statements, and of course, tax counseling. G.I. Tax has finally developed a business model for the tax prep industry that focuses on the customer, rather than on the tax office. 

No dime left behind.

Part of their ongoing mission is to change the way everyday Americans look at filing taxes. By providing year-round professional, accurate, and friendly financial advice, G.I. Tax wants to ensure that there is “No Dime Left Behind” for their clients receiving refunds. 

Their business model aims to make 100-percent of their customers happy 100-percent of the time, so they employ a Disney-like model in their customer service standards. Their office-consistency standards are modeled after McDonald’s, and so, between the two ideal-business models, G.I. Tax aims to deliver on a new concept of taking care of the customer year-round, rather than the “way it’s always been done.”

G.I. Tax also aims to make tax season a client’s favorite season by ensuring that every dime that’s coming to the client, gets there. One way is by changing the way Americans file their tax returns. G.I. Tax professionals are available year-round for all of life’s big days that need financial protection—marriage, divorce, home sales and purchases, college, buying or selling a business, or letters from the IRS. They realize that not every taxpayer is a certain size or fit, and online software doesn’t always understand the client or have the experience to protect all assets. Every tax deduction and benefit is uncovered in order to ensure such high quality, as they also specialize in amended returns going back as many years as needed. 

G.I. Tax’s larger mission is to support as many military charities as possible while providing for the returning soldier, their families, and standing veterans. This is seen in every level of their operation—from their clients and franchise owners, to their constant financial support of military-owned businesses. 

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