Why you should eat well?


Give your body what it needs, what nourishes and what sustains it. You shouldn’t give him what is currently available or what he cannot take.

Listen carefully, your body tells you what it wants. He also tells you when you are full. If you don’t know what is good, pretend you are your own child. Of course, you would only give your baby the best: the healthiest and most natural. After all, you are responsible for this little living being.

And then why do you give yourself burger meals or chocolate until you feel sick? Why do you drink ten cups of coffee or too much beer? You shouldn’t swallow your anger with food because your stomach won’t be able to digest it. You shouldn’t reward yourself with ice cream and cake, because your soul will continue to be hungry and your problems will not go away. Listen to yourself, not to the others!

So pretend you have time. Time for shopping. You would go where you can get fresh things. You would go where you know the people who are selling you something. And you’d have time to cook. You would prepare your own food. You would sit down to eat and enjoy it. You would like to dine with people you like. Would you like that? Then take this time! You see: Eating well is that simple.


  1. Be prepared – the next little hunger is sure to come. And then you should have something ready.
  2. Go to the market rather than the kiosk. Apples, carrots, wraps or sandwiches are better than sweets.
  3. Fill your desk drawer with dried fruit and dark chocolate to keep your sweet tooth out.
  4. Eat regularly. This is the best protection against cravings.
  5. Sip yourself satisfied! Delicious smoothies are sweet, healthy, and make you happy.

You should listen to your body

Many of us use our bodies like any other machine – so not exactly caring. Our test will show you whether you pay enough attention to yourself or not!

But if you wear yourself out in everyday life, you should oil your engine occasionally. We could give you a lot of good advice here, but maybe you trust an expert who is even closer to you and yourself! Your body reliably tells you how things are going – if you listen carefully.

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But if you are a man, we also know that you are not into listening. Then you only go to the doctor half as often, know little about your health and even ignore massive physical warning signals!

You should straighten yourself

Even if you rarely have to shoulder across these days – there is also a threat to your backbone from other sources: through constant sitting, little movement, and the hunched posture that the hardships and burdens of everyday life force you into. But it’s up to you not to kneel under the yoke of comfort. Break your bonds, stand up, and make yourself strong. Strong for a strong cross.

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