Why Pay Per Lead Service Might Be a Good Idea for Your Wildlife or Pest Control Business


What is Pay Per Lead?

Pay per lead is a generation leading advertising model in which you only pay for qualified leads generated from the advertiser’s website, which is hosted through a marketing agency like augiewildlife.com. A lead is a basic account, usually with a contact information point such as email or phone number ranging into demographic histories, such as past problems with animals on a property. This model is common among different mediums of advertisements across the internet to reach a diverse range of customers. 

Why is Pay Per Lead Advertising Right for You and Your Business?

Pay per lead is the ideal model for a pest control service because it allows record-keeping and is considerably cheaper than traditional online advertising because you only pay when an account is successfully made from the host website. For example, if you were advertising termite removal on a deck-building blog website, when the user interacts with the ad and creates an email-based lead, it allows you to contact them with promotions. This is the only time you are billed by the host marketing agency. Once you have their contact, your job as a service is to sell yourself. You only pay for wins meaning there is no risk of ads going ignored while burning a hole in your wallet. This is an efficient and popular way of maximizing the reach of your business on a budget. 

With concrete reach into future customers and the ability to reconnect with previous account creators, future promotional opportunities become as easy as sending a second email or leaving a message. This allows you to have more skin in the advertising game, more control over advertising demographic, and with the advert bearing the brunt of the risk, more efficient advertisements. These factors all come together for the potential for more profit. There is no need for you to have a website either (although it does help your reach), once the customer enters their information the marketing agency deals with the back-end of the leads. The host website opens the doors; you just have to finalize the sale.

Implementation of Pay Per lead

You may have seen or interacted with pay per lead advertisements in the past, they are presented in many different ways. They can be found on social media pages such as Instagram which is engaged through their internal advertisement service. Display ads on websites, affiliate marketing, and video ads on popular sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. These leads are used to reach the desired demographic and exist within proper keyword search terms such as wildlife control, pest relocation, or wildlife services. 

Pay per lead advertising services is the most efficient way for you to expand your wildlife service or pest control business. Pay per lead advertising will guarantee your company contacts while preserving your company’s budget. This popular advertising strategy will propel your business forward by connecting you with the right customers at the right time.

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