What to Do and What Not to Do in Monaco’s Glorious Monte-Carlo Casino


The casinos in Monaco have always had a deep connection with the city-state. 

They have stood as a testament to the rich history of the place and have also supported the tourism industry. 

The casinos make up to be an integral part of Monaco’s culture. And the one casino that we must talk about at this point is the Monte-Carlo casino. Online casinos like 918kiss also offer the same services for those who do not want to travel to Monaco and are happy with placing their bets online.

The Monte-Carlo casino has always been constitutive of Monaco’s history. That is why its story needs telling. 

For the ones who are looking for some guidelines before stepping foot inside this glorious casino, here are a few things to read up. But before we go into the guidelines, here is some history to brush up on.

The History of Monte-Carlo:

The Monte-Carlo casino was conceived by Francois Blanc who envisioned a glamorous future for Monaco. 

The construction started around 1863, and the casino started operating after about five rough years. The casino was built on the land that was initially used to grow citrus trees. 

Back then, a casino of this stature and architecture was unfathomable. The Monte-Carlo casino revolutionised the culture of Monaco and put it on the world map for entertainment. 

Since the time it first began operations to this day, the casino serves to be an essential part of Monaco.

What You are Expected to Do before Visiting the Casino:

Have your photo identification ready before you venture out for the casino. This goes without saying, but it is better to be mindful. 

The casino allows entry for people above the age of 18. Also, a fun fact to know here is that the casino is not only meant for the gambling enthusiasts. 

The Monte-Carlo casino is also open to tours from 9 am to 12 pm. The casino does charge its visitors an entry fee. 

However, if you are already a member of Players Club, that is one less thing to worry about.

What You Must Follow before Stepping Foot Inside the Majestic Casino:

Though the Monte-Carlo casino has no specific dress code, you are expected to conform to the basic sartorial standards. 

This means that you must ditch the flip flops and track pants. You are free to wear something comfortable. 

But make sure that they are not athletic wear or joggers. Also, after 8 pm, you are expected to wear a jacket before entering the casino.

Now coming to the betting amount, there is a specific limit that you must stick to. The minimum amount is €5, and the maximum is that of €2000. 

Also, if you intend to take the games to your room, the minimum bet increases to €10. However, there is no limit on the maximum betting amount.

The Rooms of Monte-Carlo:

The rooms of the Monte-Carlo casino are an icon and deserve their own section in this article. 

If you have ever been interested in the architecture of casinos, you must visit the Salle des Amériques. 

This is a room in the casino dedicated entirely to slot machines. Plus, the décor of the casinos is on an entirely different level. 

Also, if you are a fan of the James Bond franchise, visit the private room of Salle Médecin. This is the room that Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye visits.

A Bit on what Surrounds the Casino:

Now that we have taken a look at the insides of the casino, we shall gauge the surroundings too. The eye-catching Hexa Grace is a place that you must frequent if you have time from the casino itself. 

The colourful mosaic shall pique your interest at once and provide you with an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Monte-Carlo Pavillions are located in the gardens of the casino. And you must absolutely visit the place if you are something of a nature lover. They have some amazingly shaped building that might catch your attention too! 

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Wrapping Up:

Monaco has always had a deep-rooted relationship with casinos and entertainment houses. The architecture, the ambience and the variety in the games are things to root for. 

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in Monaco, visit one of its casinos.  And while you are at that, pay a visit to the casino, we spoke about at length in this article.

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