What Is the Google Map Pack and Why Is Being Ranked in It Important?

As an attorney, you already know that it’s important to stand out online. Having an online presence that stands out from the rest means the difference in the number of clients who walk in the door and ultimately, your bottom line. There are many components that are part of having an outstanding web presence. Of course, you need to have a great website that is optimized for an outstanding user experience. However, you also need to understand what the Google map pack is and why you need to be ranked in it.

What Is the Google Map Pack?

The Google map pack is a series of local search results based on location. Google looks at the location where a person enters a search from. Google gives the person search results that are based on that specific location. Then, they list the location of each place along with a link to that particular website.

The Google map pack is typically three search results. The results may or may not coincide with the sites that are ranked in the normal organic search results. When a user enters a search, such as for “criminal defense lawyers,” the Google map pack displays a map with buttons to indicate where there are criminal defense lawyers nearby. The user can then click on the location, click through to the website, and make contact with the attorney.

Why Is It Important to Be Ranked in the Google Map Pack?

It’s critical for any attorney to be ranked in the Google map pack in order to increase hits to their website and calls about their service. Top search results frequently receive a higher percentage of clicks than results that are ranked lower in Google. If you don’t rank in the Google map pack, you’re much less likely to have someone click through to your website and ultimately hire you as an attorney.

When someone searches online for an attorney, they may not have any opinion about who to hire when they begin their search. In order to hire you, they need to be able to see your information. The person searching also wants to know that you’re close by. They need to know that they have a way to access your services. If you don’t appear in the Google map pack, searchers may not even know that the business exists.

How to Rank in the Google Map Pack as an Attorney

Once you understand the importance of ranking in the Google map pack, the next step becomes how to rank in it. There are specific steps that you can take in order to make it more likely that you earn a spot in the Google map pack. To start, you need to create a GMB for lawyers account. Google My Business is a free online tool that business owners can use in order to clearly give Google information about their business.

Google needs to have accurate information. The information that you put in GMB for lawyers is the information that Google uses in order to create rankings and determine your location. However, GMB for lawyers is only one tool to help you stand out online and earn a search result in the Google map pack.

In addition to creating a Google My Business account, there are other things that you can do in order to optimize the online experience for searchers. First, it’s important to clearly state your contact information on your website. This information should be formatted correctly with appropriate heading tags. The information should not be in java script or buried in parameters where a search engine cannot see it. Your location information needs to be visible to Google and to other search engines.

Also, you should make sure that your site has schema. Schema is additional coding that you add to the html text of your page. Schema clearly provides information to search engines. You can use it to state things like your location, types of services, and business hours. In addition to ranking in the the Google map pack, carefully crafted schema can help you earn rich search result snippets. In turn, these results can increase your click-through rates and ultimately help you get more clients.

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