What Is An Employee Handbook Builder And How Is It Useful

One of things people get anxious about while starting a new job is not knowing what the employers expect of them. Of course we know they expect the best of us, but what do they expect us to be the best at? What are the do’s and don’ts of this workspace? And most importantly, what should I expect from this job? Now to answer all of these questions back and forth with every employee is a pretty frustrating task.

An easy way to address all these points without exhausting your resources is by using an employee handbook.

Building a handbook is a completely different struggle. There are normally two ways to build an employee handbook. Either manually or using a handbook builder. 

What Is An Employee Handbook Builder?

Handbook builders like AirMason are used to create, update, track, distribute an employee handbook with pre-set and customizable templates. It is also used for record keeping and keeping tabs on employee compliance to the company policy through e-signatures. Handbook builders also have the feature of automatically updating the policies according to workplace laws of the state that the company is located, keeping it legally well-informed!

An employee handbook builder is useful in many other different ways, some of which are following: 

1. Saves Time

Let’s just face it, no HR department department has months to spare in order to create an employee handbook, because new employees come in almost every month even week at times. Company policies need to be communicated ASAP in order for maintaining workspace productivity. 

Employee handbook builders come with templates you can use to create your employee handbook instead of starting from nothing. There are also pre-existing policy resources to help you keep tabs on what policies you might be missing in your handbook. What’s better than being able to update your handbook within a few minutes?

2. Automatic Updates

Employee laws can change on a federal, local or industry level anytime and any day depending on the location of the company. Alot of handbook builders provide the feature of automatic updates in accordance with the changes in the workplace laws. You can also customize the policies just in case new policies are needed from time to time because creating flexible company policies is the key to a healthy work environment! 

It’s wiser to use a handbook builder for automatically updating the handbook that is most of the times administered by Employment Attorneys and save your HR a lot of trouble of not keeping up with the changing state laws. 

3. Compliance To Employment Laws

Handing over a booklet full of policies to an employee is just like accepting the terms of use of a software without actually reading them! Whatever gets the job started right? So, it makes it difficult to ensure that employees are familizaried with laws, policies and company culture. This might lead to unwanted incidents in the company. 

But a digital employee handbook has various useful features like e-signature that solve this problem. This way they can be held accountable if they go against the company policies and if someone isn’t complying with the handbook policies, the HR can keep sending it to them until they give in and sign it!

Handbook builders are a great way of creating interesting to read handbooks and ensuring that employees are complying with the laws stated in the book. It also shows your company isn’t living in the stone age and is working towards using all means necessary for more effective communication with its employees. A company can only perform as good as its employees, and employees give their 100% when they know that the employer is aware of their needs and has a flexible approach towards the workspace rules. Hence, getting an employee handbook builder will most definitely be a really important upgrade your company needs. 

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