What Happens if I Get a New Charge While on Probation?


While on probation, there is always the concern about committing a new crime and getting arrested again. It is significantly frightening to be arrested and to receive a new charge while on probation, mainly if it entails more financial and legal problems. 

When you receive a probation order from the court, it stipulates the conditions you are required to adhere to, and failure to comply could translate to jail time and fines.

Being charged with a new crime can violate your probation, and it might lead to your probation grant revocation. In a situation where you are charged with a new crime while serving probation, it is crucial to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense lawyer for help.

The courts do not care whether you are guilty or not when you are arrested for a new crime while on probation. You need to be aware that the fact of getting arrested is going to trigger certain effects. 

After consulting your attorney, the worst you can do is nothing because the next steps are at the discretion of the court. The court will make considerations based on the period you have been on probation and the new charge. If you committed a serious crime, then you may be facing more severe penalties. 

Action taken depends on the new offense that you have been charged with while on probation.

Misdemeanor Offenses

If you are charged for a misdemeanor offense, it is best if you let the probation officer decide if you should file a petition to annul your probation or not. The decision made by the probation officer is based on the new charge, your behavior during probation, honesty about the charge, and whether the new charge is related to the probation judgment. 

It is better for you if you demonstrated exemplary behavior during probation because your attorney may be able to get you summons instead of a bond. 

Felony Offenses

If the new charge while you are on probation is a felony offense, there are several considerations to be made. However, the probation officer may be forced to file for revocation of your probation. This situation can be risky, especially with the similarity between your jail exposure and the underlying charge.

To avoid jail, the best thing to do is to seek the services of a criminal defense lawyer. Your attorney might help you avoid spending time in jail by arranging for your release and fighting against the new charges. If you are not to be convicted, your probation officer will not revoke your probation.

Why Should You Hire a Skilled Attorney?

Timing is everything when you are charged with new offenses while you are on probation. In this regard, you need to be aware of the schedule of hearing on your impending arrest. Your lawyer can make variations on your case on whether you deserve additional legal consequences. 

An experienced criminal defense lawyer helps in getting bail or negotiating a fair deal with the attorney prosecuting your case. Your lawyer will help you to comprehend the legal consequences that you are facing and the difference in the severity of the charge between a misdemeanor and felony offenses. 

Wrap Up

Getting a new charge while on probation limits your options. Hiring a skilled and experienced attorney can help you avoid jail time and get fines that are not so hefty. 

Besides, your lawyer can approach a judge to issue a summons instead of a bond or to set a lower bond. The probation officer’s recommendations about your behavior will influence what happens if you get a new charge while on probation.

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