What are the new trends in the mobile app development

The use of smartphones and mobile phones has reached unprecedented heights, and the degree of smartphone technology adoption for almost all your needs has been unique in itself. We have been using the smartphone apps for just about anything, and that includes booking your movie tickets, searching for information, bank transactions, listening to music, streaming movies and videos, or even reading books.

We are witnessing a vast number of notable trends emerging in mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been one of the prime features you would come across quite frequently when using a mobile app. The AI market is expected to cross $40 billion by 2020.  While VR has been growing consistently, we would expect AI too to witness a good development. Given a growing investment to the tune of a 300 percent increase in artificial intelligence, we expect massive growth in the machine learning and other allied techniques in the days to come.

On-demand apps

This is yet another area where you would find an advanced development in the realm of mobile app development.The services such as Uber have been successful and have become a role model for the best in terms of on-demand services. The services can range across a wide range of application areas that include food delivery services, healthcare services, streaming services, and of course, fitness.


Chatbots should be yet another latest trend that has been much focussed on providing you a better degree of communication. The implementation of chatbots has been one of the vast developments in the mobile app arena recently. Chatbots can be in different formats. They can be in the form of chat assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, or can also be in other third-party agents. These chatbots offer an improved conversational ability and simplify the experience of finding the right details.

The wearables are gearing up

The wearables market has been receiving widespread recognition and has been growing annually at a rate of around 20 percent. The dominance of wearable technology has been one of the vast developments and is being adopted worldwide. With the kind of growth that the sector has been gaining popularity, we would expect it to be a part of one’s everyday life. So far, mostly centered around healthcare, wearable technology is expected to become part of other aspects of our lives soon.

M-Commerce is the key to the future

Not E-Commerce, but we are referring to M-Commerce, which is more about the focus on mobile payment. Instead of making payments through credit or debit cards, people have been showing more inclination towards mobile-based payment protocols such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or even Apple Pay. The wearable devices that we just discussed can be one of the prime facilitators for enhancing the focus on M-Commerce.

How to choose your App Development Service?

Choosing the best app development service or software can be a great option. The mobile app developers have been developing and elevating themselves consistently. In case you are looking for innovative, thought-driven, and dynamically oriented top app developers, picking the best platform can prove quite effective.

Check out customer reviews

The best way to assure yourself about the service provider’s quality would be to check the past and present customers and the services they have provided in the past. You can contact the past clients of the service or even check out the genuine reviews from platforms such as ComHQ. Make sure that the ranking is genuine and is based on the key parameters such as compatibility, basic requirements, and expertise.

Security of the app

The security of the app would mean a lot before you pick your app development service. The insufficient security levels can prove to be extremely difficult to handle and can be a considerable risk. The enterprise mobile apps need to be entirely secure, and the only way you would be able to achieve it would be through following some stringent security measures. Both the app idea and further development should go through a secure channel to assure a better success rate.

Design standards

The design standards used would be yet another factor one needs to pay a special attention to when picking the best mobile app development company. The design of the custom apps needs to be one of the prime factors you need to focus on when picking the best app developer. This is why you should focus on the experience and skill of the app developers. Check out if the service provider has good UI and UX designers.

Picking the right app developer will no longer be a tough task if you follow the right options for the purpose. It should be the right investment if you are careful to invest your money in the right direction.

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