What are the Best Customer Enrichment Strategies that Works for a Brand?


Customer enrichment is something that became a significant part of modern marketers. To reach targeted audiences at the right time with the right offer and message, brands must have great insights into their customer.

Do you think having a good amount of data from your customers is enough to target them? Definitely not!

The data which you get from your customers is in an unstructured form and to make use of it to the maximum, you need to make it in a way that triggers your audience.

Customer enrichment will help you to reach your end goal, that is customer satisfaction and effective campaigns.

Customer enrichment empowers your brand and marketers to invest an amount of marketing resources confidently and improves their ROI.

Top brands already apply customer enrichment, and they hold useful insights into their customers, and according to that, they are acting on it.

You can also grab this opportunity when you have great customer insights, and that is possible only when you enrich your customer data.

Let’s First Know What customer enrichment is?

customer enrichment is the augmenting of the missing parts of your customer data. For example- when you have included a mobile and email address, and name in the registration/contact form. Now you know about these details of your customers to get remaining information like-

  • What is their DOB,
  • Where it belongs to,
  • How much they earn,
  • How many members are there in their family,
  • What is their family status,
  • What is their credit score,
  • And many more granular level details.

You can perform customer enrichment of your existing data.

To perform customer enrichment, you need to grab data from various sources to get insights into your customer.

Here are various ways:

  • Examine social media analytics
  • Look at website performance
  • Engage with social media audiences.
  • Use audience insights tools.
  • Use analytics to know the interests and preferences of your audiences.
  • Create a segment of the audience with particular interests and plan content which grabs the attention of the audience.
  • Engage with social media audiences.

Customer enrichment Strategies to Drive your Intended Results:

Improved Segmentation

The establishment of an effective marketing campaign is to segment your audience data by customer enrichment. It offers you a chance to segment audiences who are already distant to your business. Segmentation of data gives you a serious edge in a significant manner and can develop your intended interest group exponentially.

Shorter Forms

The main focus for any marketer is lead generation. It is in every case better to have a shorter lead form as customers are eager to fill in data than dismissing expected leads with long, overwhelming, or even intrusive forms. By requesting simply pertinent data, you are building superior customer experience for your site visitors. Through the process of customer enrichment, you can source extra data progressively to make a more vigorous buyer persona which can be useful in deciding lead quality.

Programmatic Lead Scoring

Manual lead scoring measures are repetitive and take a great deal of your time. Along these lines, by getting your data enriched, you will eliminate yourself from the lead scoring process via consequently arranging lead needs dependent on existing enriched data. For example, if you just have a first name, last name, and individual email address, at that point through a customer enrichment device, you can include more data. By including a business email address will distinguish the visitor as a key leader at a target account, and it tends to be naturally passed along to sales. It can additionally improve transformation rates and build up a fruitful connection between marketing and sales teams.

More Personalization

Most customers desire for and interest in individual collaborations. With enriched data, marketers can be more innovative and more personal in their campaigns and keep your customers more drawn in with your business. With precise data, you can turn out targeted campaigns and get more incentive from your personal collaborations. It improves customer experience to both new site visitors just as your current customer base.

Opportunities with Existing Customers

Marketers comprehend that there is a massive incentive in your current customers’ database. If you have great quality information, it is simpler to find customers who are prepared to expand into other product providings or develop their existing agreement. At the point when you settle on the process of customer enrichment, you get a chance to extend the amount of your information critically, consequently expanding income.

Encourage Machine Learning Technology

Today marketers can acquire customer data through engaging with an AI machine as it has just surprised the marketing scene. Additionally, marketers would then be able to enrich that data with existing data in their information base, or from outsiders. While customer enrichment causes you to distinguish chances to develop your customer base, it can likewise help hold your customers.

Enrichment of data can change your marketing methodology and can assist you with enhancing lead generation and improve your effect on income. In this way, utilizing customer enrichment to add the correct data to your data set is an advantageous endeavour. Customer enrichment, whenever progressed nicely, can acquire great quality leads, which can gauge the genuine progress of your interest generation endeavours.

You can grow your business by presenting pitch and up-offer offerings strategically to your customers. The achievement of your business technique will give you how your customers are faithful to your company and how great your associations are with them.


Customer enrichment is probably going to be a definitive solution for businesses. It is the cycle which can support the estimation of your data resources. With exceptional and precise data, organizations can create more educated and critical choices. Customary testing and checking will be needed to keep up the nature of data and will keep on including value in the near future.

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