Virgo Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

Due to certain issues in your love relationship, you may look for various options to take in your current situation. However, around the weekend, you are likely to take this relationship to the next stage; perhaps marriage. The married couple will stay satisfied with each other due to the compromises and adjustments made for strengthening the relationship. This week’s planetary movement shows that you despite your uneasiness for the family issues, the issues will not be drastic. Things will be sorted out once the phase is over. You will enjoy the quality time with your family.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that a graduation candidate will be distracted by various sources. Thus, you must try to stay focused towards your goals. Your constant efforts to remain focused will be paid off with satisfactory progress. Students pursuing higher studies are likely to be engaged in non-academic affairs. Thus, there will be a lack of attention to your studies and no progress will be made. However, must try to remain focused to balance the academics.


Sun being the main source of energy, indicates that your health will be stable and no major health issues will come knocking on your doorstep. However, you must pay attention to minor health issues like common cold. You need to pay attention to your left eye. If you notice any changes or issues with your left eye, you must visit an eye specialist. Under the guidance of an eye specialist, you will be able to sort out the issue. Furthermore, regular exercises, especially during the early hours of the day will be beneficial for your health.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that you are your financial status will improve and your efforts will bring positive results. However, you must not deviate yourself from the ethical practices for financial gain. You are likely to spend money on luxuries. However, to maintain the balance in your finances, you must not go overboard with your expenses. You must keep a track on your savings for your future needs.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that as a business person, you are likely to bribe to finalize a deal. A business person in the field of Manufacturing, will be inclined to expand the capacity to meet high demands. You may need to improve your performance for a productive output. A job holder may aim at getting better opportunities.

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