Virgo Weekly Horoscope 27th Sep – 3rd Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will have an intense desire to enjoy the joys of physical intimacy with a person of the opposite sex who sends signals of romantic interest. Both will be mutually attracted towards each other! However, such a relationship will be the devoid of any long-term commitments from either sides. They will want to meet at a convenient place to enjoy the act to the fullest possible extent. There is a strong probability of developing issues with someone you are close with. Try to keep your temper under control, be as considerate as possible and resolve the issue amicably to retain the harmony and love within the relationship.


The week seems to be an excellent period for the overall academic progress of students. Students pursuing graduation will remain very attentive about their studies. Their focus and concentration will be like never before and they will be able to study for extended hours. They will quickly grasp complicated subjects and memorize what is necessary very effectively. As a result, their progress will be very satisfactory. Students pursuing higher education will have an inclination towards going abroad for further studies. They will be successful in attaining admission to a university or college of their liking. We advise students to practice meditation during times of mental stress.


Planetary influences do not seem to be very bright with matters pertaining to your health and fitness levels during this week. There is a distinct possibility of being troubled by some health issues. As soon as you experience any symptoms of physical discomfort, we advise you to visit your physician immediately. Taking prescribed medications on time will certainly help eliminate the issue. Mars is currently having a negative influence over you which will increase the possibility of accidental injury to the upper part of your body. Consider joining a gym or a health club near you. Exercises like swimming and walking will help you stay fit.


The week seems to be very promising for matters pertaining to money and finance. Businessmen will think outside the box. They will make minor adjustments to their business policies. A timely and smart move by them will substantially increase the financial inflow for them! There is a distinct possibility of spending money for personal recreation and activities that give you pleasure. However, you will remain wise enough not to go overboard spending money. You will keep a tight leash over your unwanted expenses. Do not take any major financial decisions in a hurry. Your financial situation will remain stable throughout the week.


The week seems to be moderately good for matters pertaining to your career growth and business. Businessmen will think outside the box. They will make minor adjustments to their business policies. A timely and smart move by them will substantially increase their sales figures. They must think about delaying their plans for backward integration to make their product more competitive in the market. Salaried employees will feel exhilarated upon receiving a promotion, coupled with a raise in salary. They will gladly take on more responsibility upon their shoulders to work effectively. They will not mind working overtime to impress their superiors with their performance.

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