Use Signs and a good Printing company to Grow Your Business


A business owner needs to advertise in order to grow the business and to survive in challenging times. Sending out well-designed fliers to existing customers and to people near the business who might become customers is one strategy that has shown success. Getting nice banners printed to use when a sale is happening is another good way to use printing services. Businesses in Tucson must put their best foot forward to keep existing customers and win new ones.

Use Signs and Good Printing Services

Signs and Printing are strategies that can become part of a marketing plan that works. Business owners can get marketing services that help them design a total marketing plan that involves online advertising and e-mail campaigns, newspaper ads, radio ads, printed mailing pieces, and better signage to draw new customers to the business and retain existing customers. Having several custom banners printed for special sales or events is affordable and attention-getting.

Companies such as Tucson Banner Printing offer different sign material, design, and color options. They have staff members who will help business owners design the perfect sign or banner for their business. It is important to have a sign or banner that tells potential customers what the business offers in as few words as possible. The sign must draw a person’s attention as they drive or walk by the business.

Why good signage works

Good signage is essential for businesses who want to get noticed and draw new customers in. Without signage, it is possible for customers to walk or drive by without coming in because they don’t know what the business provides.

  1. Signs and banners attract new customers and insure brand awareness. One of the first things customers notice about a business is the on-site signage. People moving into an area need to find businesses they need to provide the products and services they want. Good signage directs them into a business.
  2. A well-designed banner or sign can make a business stand out from their competitors. People are most affected by signs that convey the character or personality of a business.
  3. Signs and banners are functional in guiding customers to the business location. Good signage prevents new customers from accidentally driving past or not finding the business the first time they look for it.
  4. Signage and banners can be seen 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all year long, even when the business is closed
  5. Signage happens to be one of the most affordable and effective ways to market a business. A new business on the street will generate interest and curiosity in potential customers as they walk or drive by the store front.

If you’re looking to grow your business, one effective strategy is to use signs and a good printing company, such as Etsy, to help you create high-quality and eye-catching promotional materials.

What Makes a Good Sign or Banner?

A good sign or banner must be well-designed and attention-getting. The signage should be neat and use bright colors to describe the business and its high standards. It says why a business is different and better than competitors. Good signage is always in good condition and clean with no stains or smudges hiding the message. When a banner or sign starts to show wear or damage, it is time to replace it with a new one.

Special sales or occasions can be more successful if everyone passing by sees a banner announcing the event or sale. Adding a website or Facebook page address to the banner or sign is also a good strategy. This way, people can find the business with online searches that include photos of the business location and signage. Then, they can find the business by recognizing the signage from the internet.

The size and placement of signage is also very important. It is not worth putting up a too-small banner or sign because they will not be noticed or be readable for passing drivers. A banner that is not well attached and is blown in the wind may also be a waste of time and money. Attach all banners and signage effectively so they stay in place for people to see and easily read.

Designing the Best Sign or Banner

Once the business owner has chosen the sign printing company, they need help to design the best signage for their business. There are four principles to consider in successful sign design.

1. Color is one of the most important elements of signage design. Think about Coke without red. Don’t limit choices to trending colors. Use colors that will serve this business well for the long run. Choose colors that go well together and convey the best image and identity for the individual business.

2. Use the chosen colors to best advantage for contrast and customer readability. Most banners or signs have a continuous color on the base with high contrast color for the graphics and text. There needs to be enough contrast for easy reading. Some signs benefit from shadowing or outlining of text. Borders on the outer edges of signage can also make them more visible.

3. Banners and signs need more than text to be noticed. Logos and graphics add interest and brand identity. Design a logo that represents the business and will be something customers will identify with the business. Now use this logo on everything the company uses such as business cards, online sites, adds, mailers, business cards, and signage. This is the business brand identity.

4. Size is everything. The size of lettering must be right for the size of the sign or banner. The size of the banner or sign must be noticeable and readable, but not overwhelm the space it is placed on or in. The lettering must be readable in a short space of time as people walk or drive by. Some communities have signage size restrictions that must be followed. Placement of signs may also be dictated. Follow the local rules in the most effective way possible.

Once you go to all the trouble to design the perfect signage or banners, choose the sign company that uses the best materials for durability and impact. There is no substitute for good quality. Once a business owner finds the perfect Tucson sign printing company, they can stick with them for all their signage needs. The sign printer will keep the company sign designs and logos saved in their software and easily accessible for additional signage printing.

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