Uncanny Resemblance between Labradors and Manatees

At first glance, many will swear that there is nothing similar between Labradors and manatees. One is indeed a pet belonging to our homes while the other is an aquatic marine mammal destined for the seas or at best, parks and zoos. However, after observing them both I found a few striking similarities between these two sweethearts, and they will be explored below. 

Physical Appearance, Color, and Bulk (Body Structure)

Black and brown are some of the colors that Labradors and manatees share, and this is apparent instantly upon a glance on their coats. Even though manatees are remarkably larger than Labradors, both have substantial physical build. While one is suited ideally for the land, the other’s massive structure allows it to thrive very well in aquatic environments. 

Calm and Friendly Character

A manatee can be enormous in size and appearance, but it is surprisingly very docile, friendly, and peaceful. It is also called the sea cow because of its gentle disposition and it is soothing, just like cows on the land. 

Manatees focus more on grazing plants in the sea, and when they interact with human beings, they are friendly and calm. The same thing applies to dogs; they are very comfortable with humans. There are countless stories of bonds of long-lasting friendships formed by Labradors and human beings all over the globe. 


Even though it is apparent that manatees can swim as they are aquatic marine animals, that is one other feature that they share with Labradors. When it comes to swimming, Labrador retrievers are also very excellent. They can swim because of the presence of their webbed toes. However, their swimming ability is not due to the webbed toes alone, there is also a unique coat that Labradors have, and as this coat has waterproof property, it makes it a lot easier for Labradors to float.

So, when Labradors and manatees are plunged in pools, one shouldn’t be surprised to see them having a good time together. This coat also ensures that the dogs do not get cold whenever they are inside water

Labradors are remarkably good when it comes to swimming. They can even tolerate icy waters for extended periods. It is for this reason that hunters use them as waterfowl retrievers. 

Other Bodily Features

Head, Ears, and Flippers

Both Labradors and manatees have prominent heads that tend to jut out from the rest of the body. While Labradors have massive ears drooping down near their heads, manatees have giant flippers close to their heads. These flippers are used like paddles, and they assist the manatees in moving round in water and on land. 

Interaction with Humans

Both Labradors and manatees are very happy with human beings. Both have loving disposition and character, allowing humans to keep Labradors as pets and manatees for exhibition in parks and zoos. Damn humans.

Curiosity and Intelligence

Labradors and manatees are very curious, and they like to explore everything around them. Humans have taken advantage of Labradors’ nature to make them work as excellent guide dogs, tracker dogs, war dogs, hunting assistants, and others. They are always interested in finding things out both on land and in water. 

Also, both Labradors and manatees have been shown to exhibit very high levels of intelligence when it comes to intelligence. Several studies have been conducted to demonstrate this. 

Nutritional Pattern, Clumsiness, and Laziness

If there is any trait that both Labradors and manatees share, it will be an immense passion for food. Manatees typically spend all day eating water plants and doing little else. These aquatic animals regularly eat up to 50 kg per day, representing about 10% of their body weight. Labradors love food, and owners have to control their consumption actively. But that is not even where the similarities end. 

Both Labradors and manatees can be very clumsy and lazy. Manatees can spend up to half of the day doing nothing but just sleeping. As for the Labradors, this is mainly because of their voracious appetite for food. They love to eat a lot, which explains why obesity is a significant problem with Labradors. Many Labradors owners have to exercise their dogs regularly to prevent them from being overweight and ensure they remain active and fit. 


Not many people will even for a moment think that there can be any semblance between Labradors and manatees. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that there are many impressive features that both of them share.

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