Trendy Braids for Your Daughter With Long Hair


Long, healthy and silky hair is the desire of every girl. However, braiding such long hair is a nuisance, especially if you don’t know braiding trends and styles. Keeping in view all such hassles of parents who struggle every day, I came up with a few simple and creative ways of braiding long hair. I’ve compiled easy ways of braiding long hair that can be made at a second flip. The hairstyles discussed are easy, quick and creative, making your kid more adorable and appealing. These hairstyles are compiled, especially for school-going kids who like a lovely, intricate-looking braid.

Out of the many braid making styles, a handpicked number is being described here to give you a rough idea of choosing the one that suits your kid and, at the same time, the easiest to make.

  1. The Fishtail updo – It is the hairstyle that is ideal for kids with long silky hair. For this, you must split the hair into two parts and then cross blend shorter pieces from each of the two regions.
  2. Flower braid ponytail – This hairstyle is mainly for kids who have long hair and can be made during appropriate occasions. It is simple; you just got to divide the hair into two sections; lower and upper. Then, braid the upper section, roll it into a flower shape, and then make a pony. You are done!
  3. Side braid ponytail – It is the hairstyle that fits a longer hair, and it is absolutely a trendsetter, as can be called the very polished hairstyle. All you got to do for this is wrap one strand of your hair around the ponytail base, and there you go! The stylish and polished hairstyle is all done.
  4. Lace braided bun – It is the hairstyle that is easy, but it does look complicated and will compliment your princess for her straight locks. In this style, use a bun and adjust the hair to get a shape of your choice.
  5. Blair Waldorf hairstyle – From a famous sitcom (Gossip Girl), Blair Waldorf Hairstyle brings a classy and stunning look to your little one as it is relatively easier to copy and is just as simple as the other hairstyles. Braid her hair from one side and continue the same till the hair’s end and band it. Pin light flowers in between the braid to get a royal look.

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