Travelling to Europe on a Tight Budget: Tips from Experienced Travellers

Europe isn’t known as the more affordable continent to visit, and most budget travellers look at Asian destinations when booking their trip. However, that doesn’t mean Europe is super-expensive. In fact, you can explore the best of Europe without spending a lot of money along the way.

The key is knowing the cities to visit and understanding the many ways you can save money on the trip. We spoke to experienced travellers on their trips to European cities – and how they can keep those trips affordable – and we have the best tips to share.

Choose Your Regions

Not all European countries are notoriously expensive. Some are actually friendly to backpackers on a limited budget. In particular, countries in Eastern Europe are more affordable, plus they are incredibly beautiful. In fact, there is an attraction for every type of traveller if you look at Eastern Europe as your destination of choice.

Romania, for instance, has everything from beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts to beautiful landscapes and cultural villages. You can have any type of trip to Hungary too, plus the country is filled with delicious cuisines and rustic local restaurants waiting to be explored. Cities like Warsaw and Budapest are famous for their charm.

Get Insurance

You can eliminate most – if not all – the financial risks associated with travelling by using the right insurance policy. You can start by checking if your health insurance covers overseas trips. You also need to look into other insurance options for the trip.

You can pick up a travel insurance policy with extensive coverage from top names like Staysure. Staysure cover Europe and will turn your trip into a risk-free experience. Everything from lost personal belongings to medical assistance is covered by the policy from Staysure, and you can keep the policy affordable thanks to deals and special offers.

Go Big and Share Expenses

A growing trend among travellers exploring Europe is opting for Airbnb properties with multiple rooms and a kitchen, especially when travelling with friends or family members. Sharing the cost of accommodation alone can help make your European trip significantly more affordable. On top of that, apartments and rooms available on Airbnb are often closer to city centres and local markets.

That proximity to the local markets is a huge plus if you also have access to a kitchen. Rather than dining out for every meal, you can cook your own breakfast and lunch, and enjoy local cuisines for dinner. This too will reduce your travel expenses by quite a lot. Besides, you can turn cooking into a fun thing when you’re travelling with friends.


Last, but certainly not least, save on your trip by walking more. European cities are friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. You can walk to nearby destinations, rent a bicycle for the duration of the trip, or splurge a little on a scooter if you want to stay comfortable and commute quickly. The latter is also good for when you want to go to attractions outside the city.

For longer trips, go with ride sharing. Ride sharing apps will automatically switch to the city you are in. Public transport options are great, but ride sharing is more economical when you are travelling with friends or family members. Ride sharing also lets you visit more places during the trip, which makes the trip itself more valuable.

With these tips in mind, an adventure in Europe doesn’t have to be expensive at all. With careful planning, the right insurance, and some tweaks on how you travel, Europe can be a very affordable destination to visit.

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