Top Ideas for a Posh wedding stage decoration

Stage decoration is of the utmost importance when it is about a social event. That comprises of preparation for the event alongside, the total theme of the function. Everything in this is associated with the taste of the host, and also the one organizing it. But the question stands what are the most popular themes? That is going to act as a help for the stage decoration too.

White stage decoration

This type of wedding decoration has got all the culmination of white flowers, curtains, sheets, and flowers with the power of authenticity, elegance, and decency. This kind of design is mainly used in Christian communities, Jains, and Punjabis as well. This stage decoration looks so moderate in white stage decoration.

Mirror stage decoration

Incorporating different sized mirrors uniquely in the wedding stage decoration is a fad that so many planners and decorators have been indulging in for quite a while now. They aesthetically make up for a bewitching and sparkly decor element.

Go on and surely ride with this stage decoration. The magic and grace they will add to your wedding would surely be unparalleled.

Curtain stage decoration

This type of wedding stage decoration is for those who want to go to an old school because it surely has a traditional touch. The decoration is somewhat associated with curtain shaped sheets that cover the entire stage decoration. It is one of the most highly appreciated stage decorations in India.

Floral Stage decoration

Indians always have a way with the flower culture since ancient times. Every wedding is different in its own way but any wedding with a floral touch is truly a universal one. A variety of flora is truly a treat to watch in any wedding. Lavender, orchids, dandelion, sunflower, roses, and many more. They are sure to bring the required glamour and highlight in any sort of wedding stage decoration.

Bohemian Stage decoration

This type of wedding stage decoration is especially for those who are on a budget but still want the decoration to be classy and elegant. The millennials pink and all other pastel shades play a major role in this decoration. The designs vary from light colors to a huge pallet of stripe patterns. This is the most modern form of stage decoration.

Chandelier Stage decoration

It is one of the most classy and elegant wedding stage decorations. The decoration here is all about enhancing the place with the beauty of royal chandeliers. In this type of decoration, the lightings are huge and big. We all know chandeliers are somewhat the biggest form of lighting. To have that at any wedding will surely add a special touch and your guests will surely be impressed.

String Lights Stage decoration

This type of wedding stage decoration is all about visual treats. It is only at night that string lights stage decoration comes into play with its elegant lighting. You can easily go with this type of decoration and make your wedding a successful one. Lightings, highlight the entire hall

Mandap stage decoration

Mandap stage decoration is nothing new when compared to the rest of all the formats. Good old methods of enhancing the wedding area. Mandap literally means the area, where the wedding is being executed. The offerings of flowers and ritualistic Wedding norms are performed here.

So, a stage decoration associated with it comprises design patterns and methods which exemplify the mundane beautiful Indian weddings. Weddings are traditionally organized with flowers and multi-colored decoratives.

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