Tips for Choosing an Immigration Solicitor

It is already a challenge to collect all the pertinent documents you need to submit along with your immigration application. The problem is amplified since you are unfamiliar with the country. One good solution is to work with an immigration solicitor who can help you navigate the UK immigration maze.

Now, since you will need an immigration solicitor, you have to know what factors, features, and skills you should check to find the best immigration solicitor to help you understand the intricacies of applying for a UK visa and interpret the local laws for you.

Factors to check when looking for an immigration solicitor

Ease your burden of preparing for a UK visa application by working with an immigration solicitor. They will give you advice, help you prepare all the supporting documents, and create a comprehensive immigration application portfolio for submission to the Home Office.

Here are the factors:

Professional accreditation

  • The law firm must be accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales. All the law firms in these countries are registered with the society, which keeps records of individual solicitors and solicitor firms, including their type of accreditation.
  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority regulates all solicitor firms or individual solicitors  
  • These professional organisations oversee England’s legal profession. They issue stringent standards that should be followed by all solicitors. They have the right to investigate unresolved client complaints. The accreditation of the solicitors is proof that they are skilled and knowledgeable in immigration laws of the United Kingdom.


Check a reliable law directory and look for a law firm that ranks high on Legal 500, which determines the capability and performance of the firm in their area of specialisation.


The law firm should specialise in Immigration Law, which is the most complicated sector. Immigration laws frequently change. It will be difficult for an individual to handle the various immigration rules, more so because the visa applicant does not live in the UK. Immigration solicitors have a network of contacts if the visa applicant has specific issues that need expert advice to maximise the chances of approval of the visa application. They have international connections, as well, and they can refer you to their contacts in your country if you run into some problems.


Choose a firm that has a team of immigration specialists. While you will be assigned a solicitor, it is vital to have a specialist team to give research support, access to a para-legal or in-house barrister, or immediate submission of applications. The support team will be available to answer some of your questions if the solicitor is not available.  


The immigration firm and the solicitor assigned to you should show professionalism when talking with you. But they should be friendly as well. When you speak with different immigration solicitors, you can feel if you can work with the firm and the solicitor. Moreover, you can feel if they are confident about handling your case.

Choose an immigration solicitor who refrains from using legal jargon when talking with you and instead discusses things using words that you can understand. The best immigration solicitor for you is one who gives you advice on all your options, the costs of taking different actions, and respectfully listens to your questions and concerns.  

You must have trust and confidence in the immigration solicitor you choose. After all, you will be working together for a few weeks or months.

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