Things to See and Eat in Scotland


If there is any country that you have to visit, it is Scotland. Apart from enjoying the most delicious haggis and whisky (which is the national drink by the way), there are a thousand other things you can do. From touring ancient castles to swimming in spectacular lochs to enjoying the most amazing seafood, this is the place to be. 

How to Reach Scotland

Getting to Scotland is relatively easy. The country has five international airports that have flights to different parts of the globe. These include the Edinburgh Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Glasgow Airport, Inverness Airport, and Glasgow Prestwick Airport. 

Edinburgh Airport is the busiest of these airports and receives well over ten million passengers in a good year. Several airlines operate flights between Scotland and other nations within and outside Europe. The most prominent ones are Ryanair, British Airways, Jet2, Flybe, and EasyJet. 

Top Attractions in Scotland

Without a doubt, Scotland is a land of adventures, and there are many iconic spots that you should visit whenever you are in the country. Here are the most prominent sites of attraction in this timeless country: 

Loch Ness

Any tale of Scotland remains incomplete without mentioning Loch Ness. This is the most famous lake in Scotland and home to the most famous and elusive beast known as the Loch Ness Monster. Even though no one has seen the monster itself in a long time, the Loch Ness area and specifically the lake itself and the Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition are exciting venues for all tourists and visitors. 

Loch Ness itself is an incredibly enchanting lake, and you can take some unbelievably majestic photos on the shoreline, especially within the proximity of the aging Urquhart Castle. At the center, you will also get to hear all the dramatic folklore about the monster. 

Urquhart Castle

Located right next to Loch Ness, this castle’s flamboyant ruins are a sight to behold. Set in an area that looks more like a fairytale than reality, it has scenery that includes a lake and a massive mountain. This castle is at the heart of countless folklore legends and mythical tales of Scotland. 

Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides

Skye is the bigger of Scotland’s inner isles, and it is wildly popular and beloved among lovers of nature and bird watchers. Full of natural beauty like beaches, lush valleys, caves, and energetic waterfalls, this is a place that will leave you with lasting memories. 

Loch Lomond

Also called the Queen of Scottish Lakes, this is the largest lake in Britain, and it is not far from Glasgow. If you happen to be a lover of fishing or various kinds of water sports or boat trips, this is the place for you. It is a lake that is teeming with salmon, trout, whitefish, and many other species. Numerous hiking trails also surround it. 

Royal Yacht Britannia

Located in Edinburgh, this is a floating tower of royal history, and for a period that spanned more than forty years, it served as the base for the royals at sea. You can look at the royals’ opulent lifestyle and the luxury spaces like the Royal Bedrooms and the Royal Deck Tea Room. 

What to Eat in Scotland

Scotland is a nation of impressive delicacies, and if you ever find yourself there, then you should pamper yourself with the following dishes: 

Haggis: If there is anything you should try first upon getting to Scotland, then it is haggis. This is the famous national dish of the Scottish people, and it is truly delicious. It is made from an eye-opening combination of heart, liver, and lungs of sheep, salt, spices, onion, oatmeal, animal intestines, and many more. You cannot appreciate haggis until you taste it. 

Scottish salmon: It is no surprise that even outside Scotland, Scottish salmon is in high demand worldwide. The country itself is an important center for the breeding of salmon, and the taste of Scottish salmon is none like any other. You have to get more than a bite of this iconic delicacy to understand. 

Neeps and Tatties: Even though they are typically served alongside haggis, it is not uncommon to see neeps and tatties with other Scotland meals. Neeps are made from turnips, while tatties are actually from potatoes. This combination is immensely popular in the country, and you should try them.

Full Scottish Breakfast: This is similar to the one in England, but it has tattie scones, Lorne sausage, and black pudding. In some instances, haggis is even included too. There is practically nowhere you will reach in Scotland where you will not be able to enjoy this lovely dish. 

Grouse: Yes, it is a bird in other nations, but it is a famed delicacy all over Scotland. You can enjoy it roasted or fried with some chips, spices, and fresh juice. Your Scottish hosts will be more than delighted to get you a full plate of garnished grouse. 

Scotch Pie: What is a visit to Scotland without enjoying the delicious Scotch pie? Even though it is tiny, that does not in any way diminish its heavenly taste. You can have it chilling cold or steamy hot with chopped beef or even mutton in it. It is so beloved in the country that a global championship is held in its honor every year. 

Don’t Forget to Try:

  • Visit the Whitelee Wind Farm, reputed to be the biggest onshore wind farm anywhere on the British Isles. 
  • Tour Aberdeen and its gothic buildings. 
  • Do some shopping in Glasgow. 
  • Climb Ben Nevis if you can. 
  • Do fly fishing in as many lochs as you can. 
  • Try Scotch Whisky in a local distillery. 
  • Hunt some deer or even grouse with the locals. 
  • Play some good golf at either Gleneagles or the Royal Troon. 
  • Visit the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. 

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