The Girlfriend Experience: A Business Opportunity for Women in 2020

The Internet has been filled with women looking to make ends meet since the outbreak of Covid 19 in Europe and North America in March 2020, which caused many people to lose their jobs. Many hard working career women were left with how to fend for themselves as in some cases they were the only bread winners for their families. One new opportunity that arose for a good number of women was to join Fan Sites online and promote themselves. Fans would pay to watch them do any number of activities and they would provide their fans pictures and videos. From this came a new concept called the Girlfriend Experience.

The Girlfriend Experience is prettysimple, you provide virtual entertainment for someone in the same way that their real life girlfriend would only it is entirely virtual. In a time when many men and women are confined to their homes for long hours without any companionship you provide that other person the kind of love and support that they need. Some people also want intimate conversation and experiences and the Internet makes that easy to do. With many free or inexpensive video conferencing sites like Zoom you can go on.

So why is this a good opportunity for women and how can they move forward in making money from it? This is a good opportunity because it allows you to be in control while also making your own hours. One entrepreneurial site offers The Girlfriend Experience to it’s customers on a weekly basis. You can try out the experience with someone for a week and if it’s not a good fit move onto someone else. In much the same way as the episode of the popular Netflix Show ‘Black Mirror’ in the ‘Hang the DJ” the woman goes on many different ‘Girlfriend Experiences’ lasting days or even months before she decides who she enjoys. There is no obligation involved beyond the time and the stipulations that you agree to. Many women are already doing this undercover and like all things it is likely to explode in popularity over the next few years as social distancing becomes the norm and real life dating becomes harder and harder.Ms. Jenna Love an Entertainer and Successful Online Personality has earned up to $250.00a Week from GF Experiences. She has to say of the experience “I’ve had good luck thus far with gentleman not pushing the boundaries as far as wanting more than is included in their package. No one has ever over texted or randomly called.”

So I imagine you are wondering what kind of financial benefits are involved? Well much like any other service there are people who are in higher demand than others and can charge high premiums for the service. We have seen it as low as fifty dollars a week to as much as thousands. It really depends on what you as the ‘girlfriend’ bring to the table. If the potential customer sees you as someone with a lot of status and clout you are more likely to be able to charge a higher premium.If you are just starting out and you don’t have much online ‘status’ (such as Instagram followers, tiktok views, youtube views, twitter followers etc.) than you are likely to draw less interest at first. That is where Fan Sites can help because they will draw in clients looking for specific types and if you are what they are looking for they are more likely to choose you for the experience.

This is also not something that is limited to just women as many men can provide a ‘Boyfriend Experience’ as well, although women are much more sought after on Fan Sites overall than men. It is certainly a growing field and a great opportunity for any woman who feels it is something they are capable of doing. In most cases the tasks required might only take an hour out of your day and the rewards can be quite worth it.

As a woman it is always important to review carefully any industry or commitment you make. Reviewing and looking at the Girlfriend Experience objectively is important. Is it something you are willing to devote time to? Certainly the person paying you for this experience is going to want to feel a certain connection with you for the money that they give you. So looking over the daily or weekly tasks you are required to do carefully beforehand is very important.

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