The Best Dining Tables Ideas for Various Interiors


Everyone has their own ideas about what is the best, the matter of furniture included, and most designers will stop talking to each other after discussing the concept of perfection and ‘best’. However, since it is you who defines what table suits your room, it is your taste that has the final say in the argument.

But if you plan to buy truly the best table for your purposes, let us first find out what’s on the menu and how you can fit it into the already existing hodge-podge of your furniture.


Rustic style is for farmhouse interiors, or maybe Provence-inspired ones.  Rustic means rather rough massive shapes, natural materials and distressed finish. If you see a huge dining table with weathered table top, massive legs or maybe a trestle and it looks somewhat familiar, as if you have seen it somewhere in your childhood – this is rustic at its best. It brings earthy and handmade charm to your room and can easily accommodate a midsize party. If you have space to place it – buy, and it will make a great heritage piece.


Classic style carries its name because it is timeless and versatile (although maybe boring to those preferring minimalism or something fancy). Classic table will fit any interior and will pair with various kinds of chairs. Classic means few decorative elements like quatrefoil or whorl foot, baluster legs, clean lines, expensive looks and possibility to pair it with majority of styles. Classic table also tends to be on a bigger side, so measure your room before cashing out on the table you like.


Modern usually stands for the sleek, clean and airy looking furniture of the 1970s (and this style bears certain resemblance to clean and elegant lines of the neoclassical / Regency / Georgian / Colonial style in its heyday – now who’s the classic here?). It will fit modern, minimalist or classic interior, but will definitely clash with rustic chairs or shabby chic of Provence interior). Tapered legs, slim sides and table tops, narrow tabletop supports – the lightness and style of this furniture explain why it experiences comeback right now. Table sizes can be small and medium.


Think slabs of wood, live edges, angular dark iron frames, – industrial, in other words. This table will be more challenging to fit into your interior, but once you manage it, it will add certain modern chic to your room. If you pair loft furniture with clear or colored epoxide, you will get an elevated version of loft that is more versatile in nature. If you want to see how it looks and maybe opt for this relatively new style, visit and pick the table that particularly appeals to you (the choice will impress you as much as the style).

Fancy (Eye-catcher)

Can be mind-boggling in style and construction, so it is hard to predict what you can expect to see in your quest for style. Such tables are usually created as one-of-the-kind objects by designers and studios and will cost you quite a bit. Cheaper eye-catching tables may be poorer in quality and openly weird or ridiculous rather than impressive. Moreover, they can be extremely hard to fit into a typical interior, and you may need to undertake full refurbishing to accommodate your purchase into your room. Think twice if you need this trouble for the sake of hearing one or two half-hearted exclamations from your guests and getting your friends go like ‘What were you thinking when buying THIS??’

Hope we have clarified the matter for you a bit, and you will purchase the table matching your taste, vision and wallet – and we will surely provide opportunities for it. 

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