Taurus Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Sep, 2020


Love and Relationships

Singles are going to fall in love with someone from the opposite sex who has recently come to stay in the neighborhood. Both will be mutually attracted towards each other with their affirmative gestures! They will want to meet at a convenient place and time to express their feelings more appropriately. A beautiful relationship begins! Do not suggest your partner for enjoying sensual pleasures at the moment. It is not recommended to do so in the initial stages of your relationship. In spite of differences of opinions, married couples will have a very romantic time together this week. Some issue within the family may keep you negatively stressed.


The week seems to be excellent in terms of academic performance of students. Although, they will need to be a little patient with certain situations. Students pursuing graduation will be able to study for extended hours. They will be able to learn complicated subjects easily and their memorizing skills will be as sharp! They will remain positively motivated to achieve bright results. Students pursuing higher education will want to migrate abroad for higher studies. However, they may not be successful in acquiring an admission in a university of their choice in their first attempt. They will need to persevere and try again. They will definitely be successful!


This week should not be a problem as far as matters of your health and fitness are concerned, if you exercise certain precautions. Going to the gym for light cardiovascular exercises every morning will help you stay fit. You will need to keep your digestive system in order. Avoid junk food at all costs. Refrain from having heavy late night dinners, as this will create a severe imbalance in your biological clock and disturb your digestive system. The planet Mars seems to be moving through your twelfth house which distinctly heightens the probability of an injury due to falling from height. You need to remain careful in this regard.


The shadow planet Rahu seems to be moving through the second house, which is not good news. You will need to work really hard to increase the inflow of money. Things are certainly not going to be easy. Rahu may tempt you to adopt unethical practices of earning money quickly. Such risks often seem to be initially lucrative, but always have a disastrous end. Ganesha says, you will be able to increase your financial inflow in a very legitimate way! Be patient. Avoid unnecessary habitual shopping and keep a tight leash around unwanted expenses this week. This will ensure that you remain in a stable financial position.


Negotiations for a major deal may get delayed for some reason. Businessmen will be stressed about it. They may fear losing a very reputed customer. However, patience will have its rewards. Businessmen will be able to strike a very profitable deal around mid-week. This will eliminate all the stress and will fill them up with enthusiasm! Salaried employees will be devoid of enthusiasm due to mental frustrations. They will not be able to deliver their best. This will be because of not receiving the promotion they had been expecting since long. They will need to reinstate lost focus at all costs. Perseverance will be a driving factor for them.

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