Surprising a Loved One with Jewelry


Individuals looking for a classic and traditional gift often turn to jewelry. This wish to surprise a loved one with new earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet with their birthstone. However, once they have purchased this item, they feel they’ve done the work. They ignore the opportunity to surprise this individual even more with the presentation of the gift. Don’t make this mistake. To show them you care, put some effort into making the gift memorable in more ways than one.

The presentation of the gift helps it to stand out from other jewelry items they may have received in the past. Thanks to the internet, men and women find they can get jewelry from all corners of the globe. The internet likewise offers a wealth of ideas for presenting the gift. The following serve as a few examples of how you can make not only the gift but also the presentation memorable for the items you purchased from

Create a Scavenger Hunt

To make the gift exciting and adventurous, consider doing a scavenger hunt. While this takes time and effort by the giver, its one present the recipient will remember for a lifetime. Start by finding the perfect spot to present the item, as this is where the clues will need to lead. However, take care when selecting the spot. If it is a public location, someone else might find the gift and take it. You don’t want to arrive at the destination only to come up empty handed.

Once you select the ultimate spot, determine the path that will lead your loved one there. If the gift is for a child, it might be fun to have the clues point to important places in their childhood, such as their school or the sports field they play at all the time. When the gift is for your significant other, you might take a walk down memory lane and have the clues take them to places you have visited as a couple. Of course, the clues can also direct the individual to various places in the home or neighborhood. It’s up to the giver to decide how extravagant the hunt should be and how involved.

Change the Timing of the Gift

Families and couples often create traditions and don’t realize they are doing so in the process. It isn’t until they do something the same way several times they realize they have started this tradition. A good way to mix things up and surprise a loved one with a gift involves altering the timing. For example, the family may always do birthday gifts after dinner and the birthday cake. This is when the recipient expects them.

Present the gift in the morning before they head off to work. They won’t know it’s coming and will have a smile on their face all day because you successfully surprised them. If this won’t work for some reason, have the gift waiting when they first walk in the door after work or before dinner. This depends on the family and the recipient’s normal routine. You know best what time would surprise your loved one the most, so take advantage of this inside information.

Change the Packaging

Men and women, when they receive a gift, often know what is inside. They may not provide an accurate description of the gift before they open it, but they know if it is jewelry, a book, or many other items simply from the shape or the packaging. Disguise the box and make the gift a surprise they weren’t expecting. Doing so adds to their enjoyment while drawing out the suspense.

For instance, people have seen videos of a person putting a tiny gift inside a series of other boxes. The recipient assumes they are getting something much bigger and they must work their way through the boxes to reach the actual present. However, other ideas exist that may be of benefit to the giver, and they are unique. Consider them all to find the right surprise package for your loved one.

If presenting jewelry as a Christmas present, place the item inside an ornament. This only works with small gifts as opposed to a statement necklace or something of that nature. However, a clear glass ornament works perfectly for earrings or a ring. Place the jewelry inside the ornament and hang it in a prominent location on the tree. See how long it takes for the loved one to find it. Not only the ornament, but the item inside will surprise them. It’s a great way to make the day special.

If this idea won’t work, consider buying the loved one a new purse or briefcase. Put the jewelry inside. However, make sure they take the time to open the gift and see what’s inside. You don’t want them to set the item aside because they love it and don’t want any harm to come to it without seeing the surprise gift you went to so much effort to hide. Sadly, that can and does happen more than people realize.

Use a Delivery Service

Men and women often present gifts to their loved ones. Change it up this time and hire a delivery service to do the work for you. It may be a service that delivers a singing telegram along with the gift, or you might have flowers delivered with the gift inside. The sky is the limit when it comes to presenting the gift, so use your imagination and think about what the recipient would like most when having an item delivered. Gift-giving remains a favorite task of many. They love presenting an item to someone special to them. Make the presentation as special as the item being gifted. This shows the recipient you want them to feel special in every way. Men and women who make the extra effort find it pays off in the long run. The recipient feels loved and appreciated and lets the giver know this in a variety of ways.

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