Stuck with an iPhone you can’t use? iCloud Unlock is the answer!

The moment all Apple device owners dread, the place from which there seems to be no return. You’ve forgotten your iCloud password and are unable to restore your iCloud account. Your device is stuck at the iCloud activation screen and all seems lost. At this point, most Apple device owners think they’re out of luck. They often end up selling their device ‘on the cheap’ to claw back a small percentage of the money they paid for their device as a last-ditch effort.

If they don’t sell the device, users often turn to the internet to find a solution. A Google search will return pages and pages of tutorials, services and scam software that will either take your money without solving the problem or leave your phone’s sensitive data exposed to hackers. Nobody wants to find themselves in this situation, so what are you supposed to do? Is all lost?

Take a deep breath, all is not lost. There’s a reliable, effective and safe way to remove the current iCloud account from your Apple device, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad. Even if you thought your device was done for, it can be saved.

iCloud Unlock with IMEI Doctor

IMEI Doctor can permanently remove the current iCloud account from your iPhone and/or iPad. Their iCloud Unlock service has been successfully used by almost 3,000,000 device owners. The process is super simple and once the iCloud account is removed, you will immediately be able to activate the iPhone and associate it with your own iCloud account. So how do they do it?

First, you need to obtain your IMEI number, this is simple to do:

  • If your iPhone is activated and accessible you can dial *#06# to get your IMEI or simply go to Settings > General > About > And scroll down to see your IMEI.
  • If your iPhone is not activated and accessible from the activation screen, you will be able to see a small “I” icon on the screen. Tap that button and your phone will reveal the IMEI number.

Next head to IMEI Doctor and provide your IMEI number, select your device and/or model and click “Unlock now”.

Once these steps are done and payment is complete you will immediately receive a confirmation email. After receiving this email, allow roughly 3 working days for IMEI Doctor to work their magic and remove the iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad. Once the process is complete, you’ll receive an email and once again have access to your Apple device.

Why else would you need iCloud Unlock?

We’ve talked about the situation so many iPhone owners find themselves, one in which you’re unlucky enough to have forgotten your iCloud password and are left with no means to recover your iCloud account. This leaves your phone no more useful than a paperweight. But there are a few more reasons to need an iCloud account removing from an Apple device. What are they?

Buying a phone can be risky, you have to trust the person you’re buying from has removed their account from the device. If they haven’t done this and you cannot contact them, you are left with a legally purchased device that can’t be used. In this case, the IMEI Doctor iCloud Unlock is perfect.

If you own a device repair shop, you may find yourself buying used inventory from a carrier at auction. This inventory may or may not be locked to iCloud. If you find yourself buying one of these devices, you’re left with a useless iPhone unless you can unlock that iCloud account.

If you find yourself in any of these situations and want a reliable, recommended and safe way to remove an iCloud account from your Apple device, head over to IMEI Doctor and get started today. It’s fast, simple and saves your ‘bricked’ device.  

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