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If you aren’t tracking your fleet, you’re just waiting for somebody to take advantage of you. Some people will use your vehicles when they’re not supposed to, and others will try to steal them outright.

But with proper fleet tracking software, like TrackingFox, you can save yourself the headache, and money, that comes with trusting everybody.

Track your vehicles

If you own a fleet of vehicles, it’s only a matter of time before somebody tries to take advantage of the company car. When you track your fleet, you always know where each vehicle is. That means no unauthorized stops and no taking the vehicles after hours.

And by tracking your fleet with GPS software, you actually reduce the chances of people acting out in the first place! If the employees know they can’t get away with it, the temptation for trying to break the rules is gone.

Even better, when all of the vehicles in your fleet are equipped with GPS tracking, the chances of somebody trying to steal one outright is significantly reduced. And even if somebody does steal a vehicle, you will dramatically improve your odds of getting that vehicle back with GPS tracking.

The best part about TrackingFox? You can track and secure more than just your vehicles. Any high-value equipment that you have can be equipped with GPS trackers for added security.

Authorize your drivers

When you train your employees to do a job, you want them to be the ones doing that job. When you manage your fleet with TrackingFox, you can assign your drivers directly to the vehicle that they are supposed to be driving. It makes it easier for you to track who is on what job, and it makes sure that only the drivers that your business has trained are operating your vehicles.

And if you’re worried about what your drivers are doing behind the wheel, you can take pictures in real-time to see what’s going on. This protects your vehicles and employees from any potential wrongdoing.

Message your drivers

Maybe you want to ensure that your drivers are kept up to date with the latest memo from the office. Or perhaps you want to let them know about a potential security threat, like inclement weather. Either way, TrackingFox provides a way for you to message your drivers instantly and securely.

And with TrackingFox, you can check to make sure that they aren’t checking those messages as they’re driving down the road!


When it comes to tracking your fleet, if you’re not doing it then you don’t know what’s happening to your vehicles when you’re not around. From abusing your vehicles on and off the road, to simply taking them after hours, there are a ton of ways that you could be getting taken advantage of without even realizing it.

The good news is that there is fleet tracking software that is easy to get and use, like TrackingFox. So, what are you waiting for?

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