Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 27th Sep – 3rd Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will not be in a mood for romance during this week. They will receive several suggestive gestures from somebody of the opposite sex. Singles will initially pay no heed to them! They will be negatively disturbed due to uncertain financial prospects. Eventually, they will fall in love and have a very enjoyable time together! A negatively influenced Ketu is currently casting an eye over your second house due to which there will be some major sentimental upset. There is nothing you can do to resolve the issue, at least as of now. You will have a very pleasant time with your close friends during this period.


Students pursuing graduation will not be able to retain their concentration. They will be occupied with personal problems related to finance and family. Their attention will be diverted from studies. As a result, their academic progress will certainly suffer. Their learning process will substantially slow down. We recommend students to practice meditation. Students pursuing post-graduation will receive extremely useful academic tips. These advices will be worth their weight in gold and will help them get a faster grasp over studies. Their hard work will be paid off and they will be blessed with amazing grades in examinations! Sincerity will be the key factor here.


No major health issues are probable to bother you during this week. There is a distinct possibility of being troubled by a viral infection. Refrain from junk food and keep your hands sanitized. We advise you to visit your physician immediately upon signs of discomfort. There is also a very strong chance of being accidentally injured on the upper part of your body. You will need to remain very careful in this regard. Regular and detailed body checkups will certainly keep everything under control and avoid future complications. Light cardiovascular exercises every day in the morning will be very beneficial in the longer run.


The week seems to be a moderately good one for matters pertaining to your finance and money. Businessmen will want to hunt for new avenues of increasing their financial inflow. Their regular inflow will not be disturbed. Planetary influences will help you to substantially increase your financial status. You may be tempted to spend money within your social circle to show off your affluence. It is advisable to not go overboard in spending money. It is always a wise idea to be concerned about saving money for your future needs and well-being. All in all, you will be blessed with good financial stability throughout the week.


This seems like a very promising week for matters pertaining to business and career growth. Businessmen will be able to adopt a methodical approach and systematize their business. They may be presented with an opportunity to strike a deal with a company based abroad. They may also be required to travel abroad for negotiations. They are advised to retain a calm and composed attitude for the final implementation of this business. The successful initiation of this deal will give them the financial boost they require. Salaried employees will be under constant mental pressure due to heavy workload. They will roll up their sleeves and deliver the best possible output.

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