Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles are going to develop an intense desire to have a serious relationship with their girlfriend! Both will be mutually attracted towards each other! They will want to meet at a convenient place to express their feelings more appropriately. A beautiful relationship begins! They meet each other often and commit themselves together after due deliberation. The middle aged will remain negatively stressed about some issue within the family. Planetary influences this week do not seem to offer any immediate amicable solution to this issue. A person who is very close to you emotionally will give you invaluable advice to enhance the growth prospects of your business, financially.


This is going to be an excellent week for students as far as their academic progress is concerned. Students pursuing graduation will take little or no interest in social activities. They will devote enough time for studies and will effectively memorize whatever is needed. Their progress during this week will be very satisfactory. Students pursuing post-graduation will receive extremely useful tips from their professors. These advices will be worth their weight in gold and will help them get a faster grasp over studies. Their hard work will be paid off and they will be blessed with amazing grades! We recommend students to practice meditation during times of stress.


This week calls for being cautious with regards to matters pertaining to your health and fitness. Planetary influences do not seem to be very favorable. Heavy late night dinners will certainly affect your health adversely. Indulging in junk food will cause a lot of acid reflux in your digestive system. Besides taking antacid tablets, it will be more fruitful to include fiber rich grains and vegetables in your diet. This will help flush out the excess acid in your system. Consider joining the nearby health club or gym. Light cardiovascular exercises like swimming or walking everyday will certainly be beneficial. You could also consider practicing yoga and pranayam.


This is exactly the week when you will need to remain patient with matters pertaining to your finance and money. You will need to work very hard and hunt for new avenues to generate more financial inflow. You will be successful in doing so somewhere around the weekend. Refrain from spending money impulsively. Regulation of your habitual expenses will also be required. Keeping a tight leash over unwanted expenses is going to be very important during this time. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned! Try and focus upon saving money for the safety of your own future as well as your loved ones.


This does not seem to be a very bright week as far as matters pertaining to your career growth and business are concerned. Businessman will need to remain organized and adopt a methodical approach. Short business tours will open up new avenues to market their products. However, many such tours will be required to hit the desired sales targets. Salaried employees will remain negatively stressed due to some reason or the other. They will need to persevere and try their best. They may feel insecure within the organization as their performance is not up to the level of satisfaction of their superiors.

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